Making the Move from Shared Hosting to VPS

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When you’re a newbie on the Web and bound by tight purse strings, shared hosting is the only option that seems friendly enough. And so you put up your site, invest in a few marketing tactics, and get your readership up to profitable and satisfactory levels. All of a sudden a shared host seems to be inadequate for your needs and you’re urged to contemplate an upgrade to a virtual private server (VPS). There are two major reasons why the move from shared hosting to VPS takes place:

When site traffic starts to surge:
It’s a good thing, no doubt, when the traffic to your site starts pouring in. You’re gaining in popularity, but your shared host will most likely not be able to keep up with the number of visitors you’re getting. This is because you’re sharing bandwidth and storage space with the rest of your compatriots the server, and your readers are going to find the going slow when they try to access your page. Moving to a virtual private server will guarantee you fixed bandwidth and memory space, advantages that come with a dedicated server, but without the associated costs.

When your site faces one too many outages:
Even if the traffic to your site is not too heavy, there are times when you find your site down more often than you’d like. This is because of some underlying fault with your web host or because the sites that share space with you on the server are hogging all the bandwidth available. This calls for a move to another shared host or a virtual private server. Moving to another shared server is akin to jumping from the fire into the frying pan, so you’re better off shopping around for a good virtual private host.

When you need to send out an unspecified number of emails in a short time:
Most shared hosting services allow you to send only a limited number of emails within an hour, so if your needs exceed this number, you’re going to need to upgrade to VPS.

To Move
To make the move from shared hosting to a virtual private server as seamless and painless as possible, there are a few things you need to ensure:


That you have the same control panel as in your shared host:
This is to make sure that you don’t have to get accustomed to a completely different environment from the one you’re used to.

That you have enough memory to suit your needs:
While a VPS offers you segregated memory; you still have to make sure that the capacity is enough to meet the traffic (both present and future) needs of your site.

That you know how to set things up:
Especially if you choose to go with a Unix or Linux-based host. You must know at least a few basic commands that will allow you to configure and optimize your site.

Professional Advice and Making Money

We all need some kind of advice about our business or life or whatever it is. We always seek for professional advice and sometimes we are really fed up because we can’t really make out which person is professional and which is not.

If you ask from any person who is consulting or sharing some professional advice they would always say what they have done till now and always praise them but this is not the true factor to judge any intelligence. So there has to be a way where they could be judged because in these times professional advice is much required in every phase.

Solution For Advice
There is a site called LivePerson, which solves all your doubts if you have any. LivePerson is the site, which brings experts from all round the world to your desktop or laptop.

You can trust the LivePerson and experts because these are real people who you will take advice from and before actually starting the advice sessions you can always have a look to their profile.

You Can Choose
If you are still hesitating that will your question be addressed or for your particular question will there be any expert with an advice then relax. LivePerson covers all the categories of whatsoever you can think. If you are seeking advice for health/legal/shopping/arts/computers all are available in LivePerson.

The list is so long that I think it covers the most of the topics.

How This Works
Simply log on to LivePerson and search for the category and you will be presented with a list of professionals, which you can choose from depending on the price and time you have. As each professional has different rates.

This also works fine for the persons who have a small business and are actually seeking advice. LivePerson also has solutions for businesses.


Beside taking advice from professionals if you are looking to share some of your advice then just go ahead and signup for becoming an expert and make some money by helping others.

I think this is the most satisfactory work at home option if you have any professional advice to share and are happy to help others then you are at right place. Therefore I would recommend use it the way you like it.

How to Add Captions to Your YouTube Videos

Now its turn about YouTube to give out some of the nice features and enhance the YouTube video performance. Therefore YouTube has included options to add captions and links to the videos.

In this tutorial you will read about how to implement this within your videos. This will again be a video presentation and it would let you know about the basics of working within your YouTube account. So have a look.


The illustration was simple enough to understand and I hope my blog users have now learned about the implementation.

Video: How to Implement Captcha in Form

I was looking for the need to add some help tutorials on my blog and there are some pending help tutorial which I need to finish and post them as I have previously posted about moving large databases from one server to other etc.

But this time it was looking much need. This is the solution of the query Gurvinder asked me on IM that how to actually work with captcha.

Info on Captcha
If someone don’t know about captcha is the text in the image format that you found in the forms while registering to some sites. This is much needed these days, as this is the only parameter to judge whether the registrant is human or an auto robot.

You can visit and read the information there is some detailed information present on captcha. But for those who wants to learn it in action. Please see the video below on how the captcha can be implemented.


I think this video was a nice explanation to implement an easy captcha in to your forms.

Cranky cookies

Cookies are one of those irritating facts of life on the Internet. Users want web sites tailored to them, and cookies are one way companies have found to do that. When users enter the site and customize some feature of it, a small piece of code — the cookie — is placed on the user’s hard drive.

Then, when the user returns to the site in the future, that cookie can be accessed, and the user’s preferences executed.

When cookies work properly, they’re an excellent tool for web designers. When they don’t work as they should, the problems begin. So what constitutes a problem? The main issue with cookies is that some browsers allow users to set how cookies will be delivered to them. And some source code prompts the user to be asked before a cookie is accepted.

When this happens, the search engine crawler is effectively stopped in its tracks, and it doesn’t pick back up where it stopped once the cookies are delivered. Also, any navigation that requires cookies will cause the crawler to be unable to index the pages.


How do you overcome this issue? The only answer is to code cookies to ensure that the source code is not designed to query the user before the cookie is delivered.