Working SEO Tricks After Google Panda

After the Google panda update there are many sites, which had been badly affected, and people are still trying recovering from this. But the most buzzing topic at the moment is what is remained in the search engine optimization that can still help you in gaining ranking for your website.

Still Working SEO Methods
Some of the old methods, which are still working after the Google panda update, are the following:

  1. You can still place comments on blogs and it will be counted as backlink.
  2. You can submit to social bookmarking sites.
  3. You can still ask for reviews.
  4. Forum Submission.
  5. Feed submission.
  6. Video submission of your product on YouTube or other video sites.

With these methods you can still achieve SEO. Directory submission is still counted as means of generating some instant traffic, as they are not of much importance in gaining backlinks. But there are few authority link directories – whose links are still counted as backlinks.

Do keep an important check in submitting to link directories – that you submit a revised description in every directory – kind of unique submission in each directory, this is just to make sure that Google does not count it as a duplicate content and don’t de-list them.

Article directories are best to be avoided at the moment. As it will take some time to flush their duplicated content and flourish with new one.

Google Adwords and Right Keyword Choices

It has been always a mystery to advertise on Google adwords – not because of the pricing involved – but also with lot of options available in Google adwords for placing campaign.

Though all the tools available are for help – but it tends to confuse a bit. Therefore, you need to be sure on how to go with your very first campaign on Google adwords – otherwise you will be at loss of money and moral.

How to Start
I am not targeting on how to create a campaign or what tools to be used for choosing the keywords.

The most important step in any Google adwords campaign is to get the right bids and precise keywords – but you cannot get the best keyword in your first-go. You need to follow the following:

With the help of keyword research tool – get the best keywords related to your campaign – and then choose the top 10 from the keywords result list. Start your campaign with only 10-keywords.

Keep this online for 2-days and track the results – which keywords are cost effective and giving you maximum impressions and clicks – from this, choose any top 2. Then again repeat the above steps for choosing a lot of 10-keywords; and again cut it down to top2.

Repeat this 5-times till you get your precise lot of top-performing keywords.

By performing these steps you are bound to get the ultimate result for your Google adwords campaign. Your campaign will yield the maximum benefit for you and will be cost effective.

Rewriting Article and Google 2011 Algorithm

With Google changing its algorithm it’s difficult for article writers and bloggers to get the real juice from writing. I don’t think it’s a bad move from Google – as its also saving the writing community.

People, who do write the researched content on their blogs or websites, often have other people doing the re-write of their hard work. Resulting in Google flooded with similar kind of content.

Think from the user perspective – user is getting lots of result for the same topic and which are actually not different it’s the same thing – written differently. Therefore, in correct words – it’s misleading.

For the Rewriting Community
Its difficult time now – because previously it was good enough to get the rewrite done and you could even rank on Google for the same.

But as of now – rewriting the same topic could lead you nowhere.

How To Rewrite
The buzzing question is how you can rewrite now when restriction is on – my suggestion would be – just get a small hint from the topic you are interested in. Do your own research and add some valuable points to the topic that have not been written before.

This will make the article unique.

For the writers who were actually keeping the original article in front of them and then doing rewriting is finished.

Starting Your First Google Adwords Campaign

When starting Google Adwords campaign for the first time – it’s confusing on understanding things and how it will work. But thanks to the know-how available with Google adwords – they are indeed helpful and their support staff is always nice and quick in solving issues.

Effectively Advertise on Google Adwords
No matter how adwords know-how tells you – but please don’t opt for the bid simulator at any step – and a big no for the people who are starting it for the first time.

How to Start
Make your first campaign – use the keyword research tool available in adwords to sort keywords for you. List them and start your campaign – but just note one thing for sure.

The highest bid amounts that you see right on keywords – don’t try to target those bids for the keywords mention there – always try to keep a strict budget on the keywords.

For example:
If a keywords shows you a bid of $5.2 then for the people who are advertising for the first time should keep it below $1 and see the average position where do you stand.

Believe me you will get a position of 6th or 7th. No bad because you want to be sure which keywords actually work great and which are not as good.

This is just for your test and you can see if the low positions are worthy enough and give a good productivity for your campaign – then you should raise the bids to get the higher positions. This way you will gain more and spend less.

Guide on How to Start Advertising Online

When you start advertising online – you are not the expert and so it’s obvious that you go nowhere. I have listened to people who have said that because of inexperience they have been ripped by the advertising investment or they have lost a hefty amount.

There should be a basic plan to get started.

How To Start
Keep aside what online ebooks about advertising tells you. You should always follow a minimum investment plan. It means you should not try at any moment that investment all of the funds on one kind of advertisements.

Lets Say
If you have $100 as advertising budget and you need to invest wisely – how will you go about it? You should split the money in equal parts i.e., $25 each.

Invest the first $25 in the PPC advertisement and Invest the second $25 in CPM advertisements. Buy blog advertisements for the third $25 and do keep the last $25 safe with you.

Now Keep a Check
Which kind of advertisements works perfect for your niche – because sometimes its blog advertisements that can do the trick and sometime it might be CPM or PPC.

If you see that any advertising is leading then you should immediately shift all the money to the one. This is the simplest way by which you can be safe on your investment.