Start Your Business Plan Writing Service

There are an abundance of budding entrepreneurs out there with great ideas but who lack the writing and organizational skills to produce a professional business plan. The Internet is the ideal medium to provide this service, so why not create a business plan writing service online?

Start-up businesses pay thousands of dollars to have business plans developed when they are trying to get a loan or receive funding for new projects. A poorly written business plan can seriously hinder the chances of receiving money from anyone, which is why most businesses choose to have their business plans written professionally. Since this market refreshes itself, there is a tremendous opportunity to make a lot of money with this business.

Expert writing skills and knowledge of regular business practices are a minimum requirement for operating this type of business. The ability to develop financial projections can be developed through your business, may be outsourced,
or would be provided by the client. Knowledge of how to work with bank officers and lenders is also an asset.

The costs associated with starting this type of business range from $3,000 to $4,500. This covers the cost to design, build, and host your Web site as well as the necessary investment in computer hardware and software. Additional costs may result from promoting your services online and offline, as well as overhead costs such as office supplies and telecommunications bills.

One full-time capable writer is needed to run this form of business. It can initially be started as a part-time endeavor.

This business has some international potential. Not only will people in your country be interested in this service, internationals looking to invest in your country may also need a professional business plan prepared.

A common problem with start-up operations is that banks and other lenders are unwilling to invest in the business idea. When this happens, entrepreneurs often abandon the business idea along with any commitments they have made while trying to start the business. This could seriously affect your business, so to avoid this problem you should ask for a 30 to 50 percent deposit up front. You can collect the remainder of the fee when the business plan has been completed.


  • Develop a comprehensive link strategy. Establish links from as many business- and entrepreneur-related Web sites, meta-indexes, and directories as possible.
  • Participate in newsgroups and discussion forums related to online business, entrepreneurship, or business financing.
  • Develop a sponsored listings campaign to bid on appropriate keyword phrases with the popular search engines.
  • Launch a small-business advice column on your site to draw repeat traffic from entrepreneurs. Ask site visitors if they’d like to be notified when it is updated or if they’d like to receive a copy via e-mail. You could provide your advice column or articles to appropriate e-zines or opt-in mail lists as long as they provide you and your Web site with exposure.

In addition to writing business plans, you could also develop a referral service to other business service providers such as bookkeepers and tax preparers. You can receive a referral fee for every company that you refer to these businesses, and they could do the same for you. This is a great way for your business to receive some additional income.

Can Network Marketing Help in Your Dream

This is not an ancient topic as you must read the heading about. This is not a networking marketing update program and I am not emphasizing on any network program. But the way of network marketing and how it can let you build your dream of making money online.

I think that the structure of network marketing is changed a bit but its still in existence and with more power. It has only renewed its face.

Now lets come to the basics that does this can help in your way of making money online. Yes certainly it can help and this is the only way to get in to the successful internet world. The point of concern is how it can be helpful.

Are you aware of this fact that you are already in to a network marketing as this internet is all about network. How can this be helpful in making and does this should be applied in the right way to get more success? The answer to this is; If you are a service provider of any kind or if you are simply a blogger this can help you in a broader way. This is beneficial and works for all.

Network marketing helps you create testimonials about your services and as you know testimonials help much if you are selling a product or publicizing your blog. This is the way to make your business friends and they can in turn be a good referral. Just try to be good enough and supportive if you are trying to make your network. There are n-number of ways if you are thinking about creating your network for business.

If you are product seller of any kind, then surely you must start posting in forums this helps a lot and you get a new face and people know you better. This is also applicable if you are a blogger and in blogging “mybloglog” can be off much help if you are creating a network. Also try to include feedburner subscription methods so that you can create a true kind of network.

Network marketing helps in publicizing your website or product. Implementation methods: Write in forums – Try “mybloglog” in your blogs – Include feedburner subscription methods. These ways can help you a lot in creating a network and the success comes from network.

Blog Failure and Reasons For Success

Most of people are fascinated by the internet and the income from internet. The current scenario of making money with a blog is the hottest in the internet world. Every body is blogging and they are blogging about anything to everything. The reason being only a few famous bloggers that have been making 4 or 5 figure income per month from their blog. True you learn from leaders only.

Have you ever thought that how much they blog and what is the quality of their blogging? I mean these days we come across with blogs with dump information and they are actually making blogs from the article databases and the re-written articles that they are purchasing. Does this going to help them, straight answer is a big NO. Just understand this that if you can purchase a article database from anywhere same database could be purchased by anyone else also and the things can be duplicated leading to nowhere situation for your blog.

What is the basics of blogging? The basics say that blog is yourself, yes its yourself. What you believe, what you experience, what you have to say is what makes a blog and that also makes a statement for you. Believe in what you are writing and have a passion about the topic and develop a relation with the topic.

Blogging is just another job that one takes as he takes online projects of designing or selling products online. Therefore, the things should shape this way that you must know and feel what you are writing. Just no blah blah information as the bookish language and famous philosophers, as all this is available else where also; so no reason for the user to visit and bookmark your blog. If users finds no reason then he might not return and you may be loosing a potential user.

If you are thinking about starting a blogging career as a full time then take a realistic approach and feels the things you write on your blog and then only you can success in this blog venture. Its also true this is the most easiest of earning platform with very little you can start but the success lies in the content you write on.

The hottest thing is always made fresh and fresh is always hot. So if you are a fresh writer, fresh is sense of writing the contents of blog; then you are hot and when you are hot it makes everyone to reach you.

How much a Blog post is worth ?

Its the question of the webmasters desk all time that how much is a blog post worth off. Now actually what is calculate. Does it calculates this way that how many blog posts do you have to make a good blog income or how many quality posts you have on your blog that constitutes to income.

I know mostly will say quality posts matter, true enough. Now as the quality post counts the big question still remains how much ? The answer is much complicated because no blogger do i believe shares the actually revenue data with the users. As you might be reading in some famous bloggers that they are earning 5-figure income in a month. I am not saying they are not right but not all are right.

Coming to the topic again, how much a blog post worth. This was the question that actually be answered in more streamline way but as it comes. I write in some forums also and there i read that people are actually selling permanent blog posts for at a minimum of $5 some lucky get rate of $7 also. So i thought to do a somewhat homework for this to calculate actual worth of a blog post.

As there is no pre-defined way to calculate so i did it my way. I visited a famous blogger site with a 5-figure income monthly (that what bloggers claims to be). Calculated its total number of posts by assuming that he has not duplicated any posts in the category and divided the earning by the number of posts so did got the magic figure of $11 per blog post per month.

Of course the post worth has risen during the coarse of his writing all these years. The point is if the 5-figure income blogger is actually getting $11/post/month. So as i mentioned earlier if a person is asking for $5-$7 blog post its very nice deal and one could actually earn from this as the posts rises.

Exciting Feature from Bidvertiser WIN-WIN

Offer that also from advertiser point of view is really nice as because never really had heard about a nice offer for advertisers who advertises for his product.

Here is this really nice offer for advertisers who advertise PPC (Paid Per Click) way. What’s so nice and why I am excited to tell you all. The reason being you actually get a free $20 click for every new advertiser account. Yes you have read it right $20 for free clicks.

It actually pumps up lot because as if you are new advertisers you are always willing to test your skills in advertising and all the way all are concerned about the expenses this PPC will incur on you, so this makes every webmaster a little bit hesitant to take the PPC services. True enough, I am not saying that thinking this way is wrong actually all thinks this way only. But not there is a way to think the other way. To test your PPC skills and that also with not a less amount $20 in free clicks.

Now how to actually take benefit from this ?
Simple answer is just sign up for a bidvertiser advertiser account and deposit money. One more thing i missed out is that in bidvertiser you can deposit via paypal also, isn’t it nice. Now you dont have to worry about the credit card and its limits and not obviously just checking your advertiser account n-number times in a day that you might have not jumped over the limit and your card would have been charged.

Hassle free solution from bidvertiser by taking paypal payments. As you deposit the payment of $20 via paypal into your bidvertiser advertiser account within 24-48hrs the credit of $20 will be made in your account by bidvertiser people and believe me they are nice in these doings.

So, you can test the skills of your own with this free credit money you have got. Write the ads – choose the keywords – category – country and start advertising.

The part now comes that when actually you have finished the free credit of $20 just pause your advertisement and analyze the traffic you have got and the mistakes you have done and where you have been lacking and what actually does your ads text would have been or where did you lack in keywords, category or may be the country choice. Simply analyze all this and you might see the changes you have got.

Lastly; as you understand all things and want to start again. Just resume your advertisement or write a new one. Its a win-win situation because you got the knowledge from first part by spending $20 and the next part of $20 is you are sure what you are doing. In both the cases hits have been made to your site and the customers which you have got is yours.

Don’t stop and reward yourself by opening a bidvertiser advertiser account and get $20 in free clicks: Click here to signup for Bidvertiser Advertiser Account