Customer Care Improve Your Business

With the growing competition in the online world – it has become very important that you have the good customer care team to back you up – irrespective to the niche you are marketing.

You need to have a good customer care team – even if you are operating an affiliate website and forwarding your customers to the client side for the final purchase. Online customer care can be defined by various methods – such as “Live Help” – but I personally don’t think it’s the most suitable way to keep a track of your customers – but yes some of the customers do choose this method – as its instant and fast.

But I still believe to have a strong backup of email customer care – because writing email is not just clubbing the words and delivering it to your client – but with email customer care team – you show your business outlook and how much effort you have put-in to solve your customer’s query.

Loosing Business
If you have such a team and even then you are loosing your customers you need to check with your customer care and track the emails they are sending.

You need to sound pleased in your emails – when you are writing to any customer. Also, the language of your email should be soft and appealing.

You need to understand that if a customer is writing you an email for more information or asking for quote – then those customers are at least 30-40% converted and with the reply from email customer care team – you need to increase the conversion percentage and see your sales pickup.

Why You Should Aim at Quality Traffic

These days you could get traffic to your website from various sources – some sources can even give you instant traffic but most important is the quality of traffic.

You should always try to get the quality traffic as it does help in various ways – by quality traffic – I do mean to say that real human and niche targeted traffic to your website/blog.

Why Quality Traffic
When you get quality traffic to your website/blog it does helps in various ways such as:

  1. Your website/blog can be popular soon – because you are getting real visits and if people get to see the interesting content – they might refer to others.
  2. You get good advertising.
  3. You get high income for your adsense ads. This is because adsense pays for the quality traffic; even when users don’t click on your ads you can still earn with adsense (via CPM) – if you are getting quality traffic.

Therefore, quality traffic is the way you could get higher on your ranking and income.

quality traffic

Now, there are many quality traffic methods for your website – now which one works for your niche – you have to find out with the trial and error method.

But basically, if you do forum posting and social bookmarking these methods can easily draw quality traffic to your website/blog.

Writing blog is Not Just Writing

Sharing knowledge with the world and making a living is where modern population is heading. As of, most of the webmasters have understood the power of content and making money through content.

Therefore, more and more people are blogging these days and as of blogging is not a limited niche – it’s as wide as the world.

Blogging and Blogosphere
Previously it was re-writing that most bloggers opted for and before that only copying content from one website to other. These methods may have been working in past but it will only lead you to hell these days.

Therefore, good content is thus necessary and as the Google search polices have been changing – so now just writing the good content will not lead you to heights of blogging.

Not Just Writing
If you want to be a successful blogger you need to do marketing with a good marketing plan. Writing good content will not list you at the top of search engines.

Right Marketing Strategy
Keep a target – when you have finished any amount of posts then start your marketing and for marketing you can do:

  • Bookmarking
  • Forum Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Directory Submission

These four methods can be easily implemented and mostly at your pace.


This kind of marketing is not pure marketing – you are actually doing seo for your blog – which can easily bring profits for you in long term.

Google Recently Changed Algorithm – Nov 2011 Update

Google recently changed its search algorithm to list search results more effectively. This change was due – as Google had stopped the “Realtime Search” results.

Changed Algorithm Nov 2011
With new Google search policy it is very obvious to get the top-results very quickly and precisely.

How this will affect you and what does it says to do.

The new Google search algorithm (Nov 2011) will list the fresh written content above the old content – but this is not all true.

Fresh content from the current trending topics will be listed above – like a recent happening in the world – or may be any company’s quarterly result. For example: if you search for “Apple Q4” result it will list the current result topics above and last year “Q4” result.

For the old content – You really don’t have to worry – if that is about some firm topic and is not in the current trending list – it will be sorted as previously.

google search

I do doubt the future of backlinks – because if Google starts sorting the results automatically then how the backlink ratio will be defined.

This is a clear indication that Google now wants the fresh content on daily basis. Therefore, to have a good amount of organic traffic quickly you should now include the current trending topics more frequently.

SEO: Sub-Domain Policy Changed

Google recently updated one more policy – it’s for sub-domains. As, sub-domains have always been treated as something not within the website and with the URL SEO structure – it made even worse for sub-domains to be used in websites.

People have been shy to use sub-domains in their websites because of Google and its policy. But now things have changed. New, sub-domain policy has been introduced.

New Sub-domain Policy
According to the recent update from Google – sub-domains that were previously treated as something not within the website is changed.

Now, sub-domains are treated the entity within the website. Links generated or linked from sub-domains previously were treated as outside links but now they will be treated as one unit.

I do think with this new sub-domain policy there will be some change in the URL structure as well.

Since, sub-domains links are now treated as generated within the website. More and more people will use it.

The reason Google must have changed this policy is due to the face that more and more seo hungry people were making sub-domains and linking back to their main domain. This could have given rise to spam link-building technique.

Now, with changed scenario it will still be powerful to use sub-domains as it will increase the onsite seo authority for any site.