Fraud Mobile Selling for Samsung Guru Music

I was just visiting websites and doing random search for 4G phone – so this way the when you look at your facebook wall – related ads show up. Therefore, in those related advertisements was a advertisement that was featuring – Samsung Guru Music 2 phone with 4G – i immediately jumped to the website.

The website was kind of spooky – and not up to the mark – they were selling the stuff at the lowest possible cost – which you can’t think off. There were other stuff too – but i was stuck with the 4G phone that they were advertising its a Samsung Guru Music 4G phone.

After doing some googling for the term – i immediately jump to the conclusion that the phone they are showcasing as a 4G phone its a SPAM and nothing related to that is available in the market.

Motto of the website selling these kinds of spammy stuff is just draw a sale and send you the product which is not actually the product shown in the advertisement. Close the Deal and Never Ever Respond you again!

Beware!! with these kinds of website selling products at the extremely cheap price – they are always not real.

Happy New Year 2016

First of All We All at Wish You All a Very Happy New Year 2016!!

We are much excited about this new year and have poised to bring some great projects and work for you. As it is already updated in the section that We are welcoming all of you to Start Business with Infogle as we have a stream of good products that can be easily profitable.

More to come this year!

This year we will be addressing to some issues which we have been thinking to blog about but for one or the other reason we avoided it or the right word would be passed it. This year probably you will be able to get some great content on the blog and along our network.

So keeping all Good Faith with the New Sunrise!

Happy New Year 2016!

Why PM Modi is Visiting to Please Companies

This is not a political blog and I don’t usually make a political post. It’s high time for any one to digest the things that are going around with the political system in India.

Our Prime minister who is trying to take every credit in his name shows that how hard is he working for getting investments for India and creating India a master country. Before we make our any assumptions on anyone just refer to the basic stats what they say about whom.

Basic Stats
These figures are approximately but they can give a clear picture about what is happening around.

Population of USA: 32crores
Population of India: 125crores

Right! So we are obviously a bigger market space for any company – a bigger growth story for any venture – reason being we are still growing.

Next, if you see the Internet users count:

Internet users in USA: 84% of population (i.e. 26.88crore)
Internet users in India: 18-20% of population (i.e. 25crore)

Therefore, you can clearly understand what is happening, USA has only 26.88crore Internet users whereas; in India we have approximately 25crore and Growing every day. In less than a year or so our Internet users will cross the total population of USA. Then why do we have to visit these countries for getting investment?

PM Modi visited USA and met with Google, Facebook, Apple etc. to get investment for India but that is not even needed – These companies would come naturally to India – they have to please us to get in India and do their businesses.

We are bigger and stable market. Google and Facebook are banned in China; therefore, to grab business where else would they go in the world?

I am not getting this that why are PM is going to places to grab investment for India. First make India an investment destination – our very own population can do much for India and for it’s so called growth story. Thus, we don’t have to depend on US companies for developing India.

I am Back in Blogging from a Long Break

Some might be thinking that this blog has not been updated since and some might be thinking that I am out of blogging – but that’s not true. I had a busy month and new projects rolling.

Therefore, had to keep blogging aside – but it looks like all are falling in stream now. It’s many to discuss about and there has been a lot of updates in the blogging world and also in the SEO world.

Google has been updating its search algorithm and other changes too. There is lot to discuss.

Few of my blog post are coming soon for sure I am still writing them.

I hope you all had a rocking start of the year. Stay tuned to get some of the most wanted seo updates.

WordPress 3.3 is Available

WordPress new version 3.3 is now available.

New WordPress 3.3 looks excellent and there are many added features to it. The new added feature will make blogging so easy.

New Features
Not only in terms of looks but in terms of features also wordpress 3.3 admin area has lot to offer.

  1. Only one upload option for all media.
  2. Flyout menu for easy navigation.
  3. Header now has more enhanced tool bar.

Many other features too – but the one added feature this time is – wordpress will tell you every time you post or update anything that what feature they have upgraded. By sticking short snippets to the updated tools.

Many exciting features in new WordPress 3.3 – Update Now!