SEDO Changed its Terms 2012

Its official – SEDO changed its terms for the coming year 2012. The domain parking giant changed its terms for good as conveyed in the mailer.

About the Terms
As described by – they have altered parking policy for domains – as directed by their premium sponsor – Google.

They changed their terms for all the domains – that are not actually parked. will not provide payouts for the domains that are being parked using URL forwarding.

Reason Behind
This decision is made in conjunction with their primary online advertiser – Google. Reasons are mentioned below:

  • DNS parked domains are quick to load.
  • DNS parked domains have less downtime.
  • As, it loads quickly – therefore better CTR.


I do think it the right decision – this will not only give quality to the service – but also keeps the network healthy and fair.

WordPress Protection from Hacking

We have seen that there is a sudden rise in the hacking attempts of blogs and websites – which are on wordpress platform.

With reports that hackers are getting in to wordpress sites/blogs through the plugins – as there are some plugins which have bugs and hackers utilize it – to get in to the site.

Therefore, it is always advised to keep your plugins up-to-date, so that hackers don’t get a chance to utilize the bug. But despite of all the efforts – hackers still get in to the wordpress sites and host their malicious and vulnerable codes.

Protect Your WordPress
I have tried every thing – updating plugins and installing new plugins – changing frequent passwords – but guess these all are of no help.

Then I tried the ultimate idea of changing the file permissions and bingo it helped – till now!

With File Permissions – you changed the permission so that no one can over-write it and this is what needed to protect your wordpress sites.

With no writing permission – no one from outside can edit those files.

Therefore, if you are struggling with regular hacking attempts on your wordpress platform sites – then change the file permissions – but don’t forget to update your plugins – as they are equally important.

How to Correct the Hacked WordPress Site

Hacking of wordpress blogs and sites are increasing and experts view is – hackers get in to the site through some plugin – which has some bug. Though nothing is much clear – but it is always advisable to keep the plugins and wordpress version updated, so as to protect wordpress site from any hacking.

But in worst-case scenario if still your wordpress site gets hacked then what is the solution – first of all don’t panic. Hacker has not actually hacked your complete website – but has modified the default page.

Hackers Do
Wordpress hackers don’t always try to get in to the wordpress database – they do the page hacks – by modifying the default index page with their text – which looks like it is hacked.

What to Do When Hacked
If you do witness something like this – just relax and go to the wordpress admin and click on upgrade – (If, you have latest wordpress version installed – then also) click “Re-Install Now”

By reinstalling wordpress, it will overwrite the default files and will automatically erase the hacker’s code and your wordpress site will be back online.

This method does not affect the template structure – Your wordpress website will still have previously installed wordpress template. It is one of the easiest method to get rid of hackers code from your wordpress website.