Google+ There was a problem saving your post. Please try again.

Google+ started with a bang – giving competition to facebook with its round-round circles. But this is also true that there are few glitches that have come-up.

If you are getting this error “There was a problem saving your post. Please try again.” while posting – sharing or commenting anything on Google+ then kindly watch-out for your profile page.

Your profile might have got suspended.

Not Correct
Google should have display the error saying, “Your Profile has been suspended”. As the current error message is not quite distinguished as what is the issue.

Profile Suspended on Google+
The reason of Profile suspension is because you might have not posted your personal profile. Currently Google+ only supports personal profiles and any company profile is rejected or suspended.

Avoid the following on Google+ Profile.
1: Don’t use any image or company logo – use a real human picture.
2: Write your real name or the name which friends call you.
3: Don’t post any hate speech on your profile.

In short, just keep your profile clean & real and not as if any website or company’s profile.

Google+ is still in development stage therefore it will take some time to be in the competition group with facebook.

Make Money from Mobile Phone Apps

There are few mobile phone apps in the market, which actually pays you to use them. These are the apps, which are available on Android, Blackberry and iPhone. In some apps you don’t get the real money – but some gifts – but in some of the apps you actually get paid to use them.

Below are the Apps, which Pays you to use them.

1. Gigwalk –
This is the iPhone app, which pays you to click the exterior of restaurants, its menu, verifying roadblocks etc. You get paid around $3-$5 per task – which only takes a minute to complete. You get paid via PayPal. Their android version will be available but when there is no word on it

2. Field Agent –
This is the iPhone app. As per the name suggests it is similar to the Gigwalk app above and you need to complete short tasks of location, but it extends by providing you short survey tasks – mystery shopper etc. You get paid $2-$8 per task via paypal. They don’t have any android apps.

3. Check Points –
This app is available on both the platforms iPhone and Android. In this app you are paid to wherever you go – like checking in the grocery store or departmental stores and broadcasting yourself and also taking the pictures of the stuff you buy. Unfortunately you don’t get paid the real money – but instead you are given points for every task you complete – 300 points equals to $1 gift card.

4. WeReward –
This app is available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry. It pays you in points – You are required to picture yourself with the stuff you have bought from your local shops – like picture yourself with starbucks coffee cup. You get paid in points and 1000points needed for you to withdraw.

make money from mobile apps

5. AppRewards
This is a dedicated iPhone app. You are required to review or try other iPhone apps in order to earn points. Best part is – in some of the tasks you are just required to view the promotional video. You have to earn a minimum of 3500 points in order to cash out for a $10 credit in your paypal.

Though earnings are not great but still it can get you pay your phone bills – purchase some apps or pay your monthly mobile installment.

Canada’s New Plastic Money

Canada has issued new note – Its $100 bills. This is the polymer money and the features are exquisite. You need to watch the video below to believe how much secure – any currency note could get.

These new bills will be available from November. The bank is also unveiling $50 and $20 notes next year.

Its been projected as secure – durable and Innovative – and it is! You could easily get to know from the video below that how secure money can get.


Gasoline Reality Do You Know

It is not something related to my blog but I wanted to share this, as I was shocked with the news I read on the web.

I recently read an article on web and it stated about the Gas/Gasoline/Petrol prices – whatever you say in your country. It was one of the interesting news I have ever come with.

You will be surprised to know – the Gasoline prices and how much they vary according to the country.

Just an Highlight
I am not sure why I am including this topic to my blog but this is the urge of time. As after water – it’s about Gasoline what we all worry about. So below is the cost and country.

# Turkey: $2.58 per liter
# Norway: $2.48 per liter
# UK: $2.19 per liter
# Qatar: $0.23 per liter
# Venezuela: $0.016 per liter

You see how much it is of difference. For US the prices are $0.98 per liter and for India is stands at $1.42 per liter.

This is just a random fact that what is world going through. For some countries it costs way too much and for other countries it’s way less than from a bottle of mineral water.

Think About it!

Voice Chat on Facebook for FREE

Facebook the best of all time social networks – it facilitates every user. This is the foremost reason that it is rated top website – not only in social network but also in overall ranking.

Facebook apps have been making life simpler. Now, there is one more app introduced which I think would definitely benefit all.

Voice Chat on Facebook
With this new app you can do the voice chat right there on your friend list. You don’t have to configure anything – no hassles nothing. Vring is the name of the app and their tag line is – Talk on Facebook for Free!

You just have to download the app – install it and bingo.

Just login and chat as you normally do on facebook. The only difference this app will make is that you will see a phone receiver icon beside your friends chat id.

Click the icon and Start Talking!

I am sure this will give tough competition to the Yahoo Messenger and other voice messengers. As more and more people spend time on facebook. Also, a face that facebook has made people forgot the email too.

Therefore, I do believe this app – if delivers quality – will surely be a big-big hit.

Download App
Click here to Visit Facebook – Vring App Download Page