SEDO Changed its Terms 2012

Its official – SEDO changed its terms for the coming year 2012. The domain parking giant changed its terms for good as conveyed in the mailer.

About the Terms
As described by – they have altered parking policy for domains – as directed by their premium sponsor – Google.

They changed their terms for all the domains – that are not actually parked. will not provide payouts for the domains that are being parked using URL forwarding.

Reason Behind
This decision is made in conjunction with their primary online advertiser – Google. Reasons are mentioned below:

  • DNS parked domains are quick to load.
  • DNS parked domains have less downtime.
  • As, it loads quickly – therefore better CTR.


I do think it the right decision – this will not only give quality to the service – but also keeps the network healthy and fair.

Moneybookers is Soon Changing

Moneybookers is updating itself – not in terms of service but in terms of designing and branding. I do hope this step will refresh the moneybookers as a brand and give a new life to one of the excellent online payment gateway.

I personally believe that moneybookers is one of the easiest of payment gateways with less formalities and less technicalities.

Refreshment Was Due
The new design of moneybookers looks more soothing and refreshing. The new brand name which moneybookers is opting for is “Skrill”.

As informed by moneybookers, they are just changing their branding and design – rest all features will be as it is. Though you will see some design changes happening from this right moment – but for the time being moneybookers will continue on their url – they will shift their complete operations to new url in summer 2012.

The new URL of moneybookers will be

As we found
You must have this question in your mind that what is the meaning of the word “Skrill”. As per our research we found that word – “Skrill” has evolved from the word “Skrilla” – a slang word, basically used for: Money

Moneybookers will have their brand new facebook fan page- their new twitter account with their new branding “Skrill”. Looking forward to the new future of moneybookers.

Infogle Link Directory is Growing Huge

Our link directory though started just as trial project but over the years has grown so much – that it has out reached our capacity to approve the regular pending links on time.

Current stats – Active links more than 43000 and pending links more than 86000 – makes it a total of more than 100-thousand links submitted to our link directory.

If we try to figure out the reason of popularity for our directory – it could be just one – that our directory is been online for all these years and google has been crawling our directory links to its index.

As most of the link directories are easy come and easy go.

Return the Favor
We always have a tradition of returning the favor – therefore, its time for our link directory to have some exciting offer.

The Offer
As our directory is deep-linking directory – where you can submit more than one link of your website.

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With this option you can submit 5-links of your website – its deep-linking. Submit Now

This offer is for a limited period and it will be over soon. Since, we guarantee the approval of all featured link submissions within 24hrs. You can contact us for any query by click on “contact us” from any of the page on

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Read Ad-Free and Get Topics for Blogging

There are various sources these days to get the latest news – and Yes! If you are a blogger you must read and read well – without any disturbance and without any eye-catching advertisements.

People still rely on Google news where they search for any particular kind of news or visit any news website and choose their niche category and read the news. But with the introduction of a new website – all this has been so easy to do. – All the News at One Place
This is one of a kind of service which brings you all the news from the web to one place and that’s your computer. You don’t have to search for any kind of news – since gathers news from almost all kinds of news website and present to you at one place.

The best feature of reading at is you don’t have any annoying ads and distracting banners. is ad-free news distribution service.

Best Features
There are many add-ons available on for making your reading a worth.

  1. They present to you a category of must-read news.
  2. You can clip your news – Which you can later sort.
  3. You can easily tweet or post the news on facebook with one click.
  4. You can either print or email the news article.

With you will never be short of topics for your blog and since you are getting updated regularly – therefore you can post the latest stuff on your blog and this will bring a lot of traffic.

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True Story: Kind of Affiliate Program To Choose

I have had experience – a kind of bitter experience, which I am sharing with you and that’s with Affiliate Marketing. I had always thought of affiliate marketing as the primary source of income for a blog or any content network.

In Affiliate marketing, as you know there are different streams on which affiliate commissions are spared – Like, Per Sale commission, Leads commission and some also provide per click commission – but per click commissions are rare.

The Reason
This blog post is targeted towards a reason to point out the implications involved in the kind of affiliate commission you opt for when you start promoting any affiliate program.

I personally have always thought that Lead commissions are good way to make a decent income – because there is less risk involved and people convert easy – as they are not billed for it.

But in one hit – I was proven wrong!

You should always opt for the per sale affiliate commissions (CPA) program. Though these programs are low start and they are slightly tougher to convert but you are in safer territory.

Why Per Sale Affiliate Program
The foremost reason that I have experienced with Per lead (CPL) affiliate commission program is your efforts and investments are pretty easily washed up.

How Come? – Per Lead (CPL) programs are giving you commissions because they have to promote something – it can be their website – their product or any service. Since their work gets over – You are out of the game.

On the other hand, if you gradually built and promote the Per Sale (CPA) Affiliate Program with the time – you will be having more sales and since the program you are promoting is sustaining on sales; therefore, you are never out of the game. On contrary, you might enjoy higher commissions with sales picking.

Work for a better future and long-term income – rather than having few chunks.