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Why to opt for Custom Video Presentation – You might be wondering if you should spend money on making custom promotional videos (You can view the samples on Custom Video Presentation). Well, honestly the answer depends on your requirements.

Video Promotion
Promoting your service and products through custom videos is definitely effective. Psychologically, videos have much more impact on the viewer than text, and if made aptly, then it can really trigger off your sales substantially.

When someone watch a video, he gets influenced by the moving images, a good voiceover helps in conveying your message in a much more convincing way and if these tasks are done by a pro, in the right way, then it can really do wonders in promoting your stuff, be it a product that you want to sell, or a service that you would like to promote or any other message for that matter.

Making a video is not a cheap task for sure. It requires a lot of hard work and creativity to churn out a right video that would help your sales or would serve the purpose that it is meant for and quality does comes with a price.

Rest assured that a good video is ever lasting and can promise you multi sales and rich long-term dividends. So, it’s definitely recommended!

Visit: CustomVideo.Infogle.comCustom Video Presentation

Apple Apps to Get Your Life in Order

Apple Apps store is one of the largest stores on the web – there are varieties of apps available for instant download. Below are some of the cool apps, which can easily get your life in order.

To manage your life and life style use the following apps. These Apple apps can be used on iPad – iPhone and iPod touch devices.

1. iThoughts
Do you need a marker and whiteboard to organize your thoughts? Take this to the next level. Install iThoughts, a mind-mapping tool that lets you visually organize your thoughts, ideas and information. It packs a number of features and has a well-designed user interface. There’s a HD version as well.
Price: $9.99

2. 2Do
2Do is hands down the best to-do list app ever. The main interface is broken into tabs – one for all tasks, one for tasks due today, and others for customized calendars (work, school, home etc.) It all comes together brilliantly. You can even attach images of tasks.
Price: $6.99

3. Evernote
From notes to ideas to snapshots to recordings, put it all into Evernote and watch as it instantly synchronizes from your iPhone to your Mac or Windows desktop – also available for Android and Blackberry devices.
Price: Free

4. Springpad
Springpad adds some excellent features to mobile note taking. Write a memo, take a snapshot or scan a barcode of any item to identify later. It’s your to-do list; diary, calendar and notebook all rolled into one – available for android and blackberry devices.
Price: Free

5. Remember The Milk Pro
What good is a to-do list that is locked to only one device? Take your to-do list everywhere with Remember The Milk, a feature-packed app that seamlessly syncs your to-do lists across all things Apple, including on the web.
Price: $25/year

Use these Apple  apps wisely and see how they help your lifestyle to make it even better.

Bloombox – Power Grid in Your Backyard

Bloombox is the revolutionary innovation and it could really change the face of the world. We don’t have to worry about electricity anymore.

KR Sridhar is the principle founder of this invention. Bloombox is the electricity power plant. They are the small sized boxes, which supply power to a home – office and even organization.

This innovation is truly to save the future, as it does not use any explicit fuel to generate energy. I hope you do not believe the fact – but it is so true!

Walmart, FedEx, Adobe, eBay and Google are some of the companies who are already using this resource to power their organizations.

Just watch the videos below to believe the fact and see the greatest innovation of the time – Bloombox.

Part 1

Part 2

Blogsy – True Blogging App for iPad

If you are addicted to blogging or want to update any important blog post – and you are not in front of your computer – but you are having an iPad – so this app will make your work easy.

How it Works
Blogsy is the blogging app for iPad and it stands true for its name – it smartly replaces the blogging backend (admin) part for your iPad and makes it more suitable for typing and editing, with some of the explicit features.

Blogsy works on drag and drop feature which is specifically designed for iPad – making blogging an easy task. The most important feature of blogging is to give tags to your text that is – formatting your text and blogsy make is very simply with one touch.

It has features of drag and drop – you can add pictures from Picasa – Flicker etc – with one click.

It also gives you freedom to add the videos from YouTube.


Though there are many blogging tools available but this one works perfect for iPad as it serves all the possible features needed for blogging.

Blogsy supports both the leading platforms – blogger and wordpress.

This app is priced at $4.99. Download Blogsy App

Web Hosting Prices Slashed

It’s raining offers from Infogle this time – Previously we declared how you can get free web hosting from us and this time we have reduced prices below the competition level.

Web Hosting Prices
We are already in to our 7th year of operation and always wanted to give something to our loyal users. This is the reason for the web hosting price slash.

Multi-Website Hosting
Our new plan for multi-website hosting – where you can host unlimited website with unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth.

Yes you get every thing unlimited and you don’t need to purchase any other account for hosting your websites – you can host all your websites in this.

We have the latest cPanel and with it the Softaculous – latest auto-script installer.

Price: $1.25/month ($15 per year)

To make it even more user friendly – we have now added two payment processors for payment – Now you can pay either by PayPal or Moneybookers.

web hosting

We have a dedicated support team to help you whenever you need. Since 2005 we are in to hosting business and have provided a consistent up time of 99.9%.

If you have any questions you can contact our web hosting support team and they will help you or contact our live support.