Another Earning opportunity without a website

Every time I am writing on this blog I think on that people can write about things they can give reviews or they could do the product blogging, but it just came to my mind that not everyone on the Internet is for blogging or for reviews.

They want earnings and simple earnings by completing a simple and easy task from their couch or just looking for a part time earning opportunity for making some extra cash, as they are already employed but are fascinated by the working on internet and earning cash.

So just for them that I am writing this blog post:

If you are not a writer or a blogger and don’t have the flair for them, also you don’t want to stuck to some affiliate programs for the earning but still want to earn some extra cash.

Basically you are interested in making money online from home or at work but require a traditional working at home methods. Traditional methods here which I am talking about is surveys and other get paid to programs, but just keep in mind this is for just another opportunity I am forwarding to you. It’s a known company and they are good at doing this.

Probably they are not those kinds of companies who actually share or give nothing and steal your money. The company is Survey Adventure and they claim of providing a good “Get paid for your opinion” opportunity.

How does they work in:
Survey adventure does have a signup cost but they promise to give a nice return on the signup cost. They anywhere promise to give you at least a base price of $20 for each survey you complete.

Also provides you bonuses on the signup cost and believe me they are really nice on their saying and do give out standards they mentioned.

As they say “We help our panelists express themselves and we help them generate income by participating in online surveys. Our site is completely free to anyone that wants to join. We will never charge a fee to participate in a survey.”

With a signup cost of $69 they promise to make you at least $1200/month if you work accordingly there saying and also up to your potential. But as infogle is meant for something special always what you read in so here is exciting news for you, the package of $69 is on a 50% off price with a facility of paying either through paypal, check or credit card.

So, if you are thinking of a part-time good income opportunity then I definitely recommend you to go with survey adventure.

Just signup by clicking this link: Take easy surveys that pay great!

Blog and Get Paid for Blogging About

Open opportunity for all that if you want to have “Pay Per Post” – you will post on your blog and you will paid for your writing. Its simple and easy to start with and its same as i have earlier to this post talked about product blogging.

Pay per post is the idea of getting paid posts of on your blog. Its the nicest of oppourtunity I have ever discussed in this blog.

In Pay per post you will get an opportunity to see the actual advertisers who are willing to give you money to blog about their product or services. The only commitment required is you should blog about product correct reviews.

How this opportunity shapes:
You get a marketplace where you can see the advertisers and compensation they are offering and other essential details which are required for the blogger to get interested for. You then select the advertiser you wish and which matches to your ability.

Pay per post promises that you can easily make $500 with your current blog. There is also a nice feature in this that you can get direct advertisers that are interested in you. You are given a widget which you can place in your blog and advertiser can directly click and get the post that want on your blog for this there will be a charge of 10% a service provider from pay per post.

There is no compulsion that you should have a hosted your blog with a domain like this one, you can start your pay per post account with other blogging platforms as typepad or blogger. The need is again you should have blogged on consistent basis and have at least some posts and if you need some good pricing, I suggest you to have many quality posts so that you can get more. You are paid off paypal so you don’t have to wait for checks to arrive.

They have nice referral program too in which you are paid $15 for the referral of a blogger and $25 to refer a advertiser. The best part of this opportunity is that you are paid for the blogging at your blog only. Thus makes it more attractive because in other sense you are enhancing your blogs with the product blogging and for this enhancement you are paid too.

PPP – Pay per play opportunity

New Earning Opportunity is in town and its too hot. I think from now and now earning money is being simplified enough. We have seen CPC – CPA – CPM now its the turn of PPP ads. PPP – Pay Per Play meaning you will be paid on per play of the advertisement.


Its simple to understand with this opportunity you will be given ads that play voice and these message will be played automatically when a user enters in to your website/blog. You dont have to worry about the size of the audio files as the audio length will be only 5-seconds long.

You dont have to worry about the clicks that usually were the way to earn most of the revenues for the websites/blogs. Now its PPP that means a 5-second message automatically will be played when a visitor enters your website.

You can run this PPP network ads on any website/blog regardless of your hosting with paid or free. Can also place other network ads with this PPP method no problem with that. Also dont worry about the ads that will be displayed because your pages will be crawled and the matching ads will only be served.

Earning opportunity is also nice:
You will be making 25% of the money that advertiser spends on the PPP ads serve on your website. There is a referral program too; Direct referrals earning will be 5% shared with you.

Payment is done by paypal or check as per the need. Both the options are available. point of view
This advertisement opportunity is good but its still doubtful on the calculation that will be paid on the heard advertisements and not-heard advertisements. As not all using computers switch on there speakers or wear a microphone. The chances are that the people who may have speakers on they may be hearing some music or making a conversation with some one on chat at this time if they surf the website and the ads played then the message will go no where and land into an unheard category. This is the major drawback of this opportunity.

Its the publisher point too to take care of the advertiser and advertisements that are being displayed because if the advertiser gets the benefit then only he will be able to continue with the advertisements and if he is not benefited then he will simply quit and you might lose the earning opportunity. So, for the sake of advertiser this is not a good idea. Unless some technology is being implemented to it.

Technology in the sense that when the PPP ads displays they will make the current speech to silent and only the advertisement can be heard then only this PPP ads will work in the way they are being projected.

If you are looking to view for the PPP service kindly visit this link and do comment that how do you feel about this. Sign Up Here

Free and Easy Method Upload-Share-Earn

I just accidentally landed to this website and its just amazing and you can’t expect something better than this. You might have guessed it till now yes its just three steps upload-share-earn.

Ziddu” -Free File Hosting
A new file sharing network that gives out the opportunity of not only sharing your stuff for free but actually make money for you for doing the same old stuff you have been doing.

Account opening is free and they have committed in the website that they will not have any premium accounts. What’s more! You can have parallel downloads for free. I am just too excited with the opportunity that I am falling short of words. Apart from downloading service as most of the other file sharing network has you can also view your movie files in your ziddu account and listen to your music online and also view your files online. At the same time you can create online music libraries and share it with your friends.

You can upload multiple files at once of 200mb each and guess what! no limit on uploading files you can upload as much data as you want. This keeps you on a track of making more money.

Money To Make
You can make money for every download that has been made keeping in mind that only unique download counts. For every 10k unique downloads you get $10. Just for making calculation easy for every unique download you will be making $0.001. Also they have a referral system where you make $0.10 for every referral that joins and uploads.

Minimum payment is $10 and Paypal and Moneybookers allowed. I dont think you can expect anything more from a download service.

I strongly recommend to go ahead and sign up for this service and start making money for the stuff you have been doing for years now.

PMI-001 professionals who are not interested in 642-825 or even 642-436 usually are interested in 70-293.

Earn more just from making cents

The New network is out and people are already making good amount. The network is good and providing a good earning opportunity for the bloggers and other sites. I am talking about “WidgetBucks“. WidgetBucks is fully compatible with any of the blogging platform also like Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, Movable Type and other large blogging platforms.

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!
Earning from WidgetBucks:
You can get CPC ads and also the CPM ads. Both work great. Their CPM is over upto $6. Also they have a good referral program. If you refer anyone you make 5% of there income for a long 12months. Good isn’t it!

They pay by check and also by paypal. Not to mention that you get quick payments via paypal than check.

They have “MerchSense” this allows you to not worry about the ads which are being displayed. They will be easily match your blog content as this “merchsense” helps in matching the content with the ads on your site/blog.

WidgetBucks allow non-US sites also but does not allow non-english sites. You can use any of the site for displaying widgetbucks ads but do follow their terms as they have some restriction also.

So get started to experience a new and more earning ads on your network with Widget Bucks.