True Story: Kind of Affiliate Program To Choose

I have had experience – a kind of bitter experience, which I am sharing with you and that’s with Affiliate Marketing. I had always thought of affiliate marketing as the primary source of income for a blog or any content network.

In Affiliate marketing, as you know there are different streams on which affiliate commissions are spared – Like, Per Sale commission, Leads commission and some also provide per click commission – but per click commissions are rare.

The Reason
This blog post is targeted towards a reason to point out the implications involved in the kind of affiliate commission you opt for when you start promoting any affiliate program.

I personally have always thought that Lead commissions are good way to make a decent income – because there is less risk involved and people convert easy – as they are not billed for it.

But in one hit – I was proven wrong!

You should always opt for the per sale affiliate commissions (CPA) program. Though these programs are low start and they are slightly tougher to convert but you are in safer territory.

Why Per Sale Affiliate Program
The foremost reason that I have experienced with Per lead (CPL) affiliate commission program is your efforts and investments are pretty easily washed up.

How Come? – Per Lead (CPL) programs are giving you commissions because they have to promote something – it can be their website – their product or any service. Since their work gets over – You are out of the game.

On the other hand, if you gradually built and promote the Per Sale (CPA) Affiliate Program with the time – you will be having more sales and since the program you are promoting is sustaining on sales; therefore, you are never out of the game. On contrary, you might enjoy higher commissions with sales picking.

Work for a better future and long-term income – rather than having few chunks.

Is it possible to make online money?

Most of you must have heard about making online money. Some people claim that they make a living by just using a computer and internet connection, which might had made you inquisitive about if this online thingy really works and is it really possible to make money sitting at your home?

Possible Money Making
A good way to start things off is to join a reliable paid to post sites like mylot or GPTPF.COM and be active there. This way you can be in touch with the happening of online money making world and can make some extra money doing it.

These sites are free to join and so you have nothing to lose and do not need an investment as well. You should try to gain experience from sites like these, make a few like-minded friends and take things as they come.

Well, it is indeed possible to make money-using Internet but that being said; one must remember that there is no shortcut to success. If you want to achieve anything in life, then you have to work hard for it, be sincere and honest in your efforts and patient with your results.

If you follow these rules then you are sure to achieve success in everything that you attempt and online money making is no exception to this rule either!

Headed to Better Future With This

You must have seen some of the amazing inventions – but this invention will change the face of world. With this we are truly heading towards a better future.

Fuel, which is the most, desired component of our lives – petrol (gasoline) – whose prices are increasing every day and most importantly our environment is suffering due to this. Increasing pollution level is a concern of every country.

Water Fueled Cars
This is the future – you require nothing for running your car – it can simply run on plain water – which we consume daily – the same water could now be used as fuel in your cars.

Japanese company has designed a new car – which runs on plain water. It breaks the water and takes hydrogen from it to run the car. You can fuel any kind of water – even seawater can be used. As a matter of fact 78% of earth is covered with water.

Watch the video below to see all this in live action.

Apple Apps to Get Your Life in Order

Apple Apps store is one of the largest stores on the web – there are varieties of apps available for instant download. Below are some of the cool apps, which can easily get your life in order.

To manage your life and life style use the following apps. These Apple apps can be used on iPad – iPhone and iPod touch devices.

1. iThoughts
Do you need a marker and whiteboard to organize your thoughts? Take this to the next level. Install iThoughts, a mind-mapping tool that lets you visually organize your thoughts, ideas and information. It packs a number of features and has a well-designed user interface. There’s a HD version as well.
Price: $9.99

2. 2Do
2Do is hands down the best to-do list app ever. The main interface is broken into tabs – one for all tasks, one for tasks due today, and others for customized calendars (work, school, home etc.) It all comes together brilliantly. You can even attach images of tasks.
Price: $6.99

3. Evernote
From notes to ideas to snapshots to recordings, put it all into Evernote and watch as it instantly synchronizes from your iPhone to your Mac or Windows desktop – also available for Android and Blackberry devices.
Price: Free

4. Springpad
Springpad adds some excellent features to mobile note taking. Write a memo, take a snapshot or scan a barcode of any item to identify later. It’s your to-do list; diary, calendar and notebook all rolled into one – available for android and blackberry devices.
Price: Free

5. Remember The Milk Pro
What good is a to-do list that is locked to only one device? Take your to-do list everywhere with Remember The Milk, a feature-packed app that seamlessly syncs your to-do lists across all things Apple, including on the web.
Price: $25/year

Use these Apple  apps wisely and see how they help your lifestyle to make it even better.