Bloombox – Power Grid in Your Backyard

Bloombox is the revolutionary innovation and it could really change the face of the world. We don’t have to worry about electricity anymore.

KR Sridhar is the principle founder of this invention. Bloombox is the electricity power plant. They are the small sized boxes, which supply power to a home – office and even organization.

This innovation is truly to save the future, as it does not use any explicit fuel to generate energy. I hope you do not believe the fact – but it is so true!

Walmart, FedEx, Adobe, eBay and Google are some of the companies who are already using this resource to power their organizations.

Just watch the videos below to believe the fact and see the greatest innovation of the time – Bloombox.

Part 1

Part 2

Why Your Article Gets Rejected

We all know what Google panda and Google algorithm 2011 update has did to the article directories and now it is not considered a good idea to submit your articles to the directories but some people are still trying to submit their articles.

It is not always that your submitted article gets approved – it does get rejected – Our blog is also a revenue sharing blog and people tend to submit articles – but mostly did not get approved.

Article Rejection Why
Article submission is good to get some fame and get other people know about your talent. Most of the article writers work for this – they grab work from Webmaster forums and write the articles for people – which they finally submit to article directories.

Not always all writers end up in positive note. Since, writers are given some product to write an article – and they end up writing the self-promoted article.

Self-promoted article means – it has nothing to do with sharing knowledge with the community – it is just written for the sake of product promotion.

People often write – positives and negative of the product – what this can do and what if you don’t choose this product – all those talk.

This is what article directories don’t like. You are actually writing a review and not a real article to submit it to article directories.

For correct article writing – and getting your article approved in directories – you need to write on a situation and then describe about the product what this product can do to overcome the situation. Create a situation and give a solution – then you are sharing knowledge.

Another Way to Find Trending Topics

There are various ways to search for trending topics, as sometimes it is much needed to include a trending topic in your blog. Including a trending topic gives a feeling that your blog is fresh and also increases the hits.

Search Trending Topics
I have previously written about this topic, on how Google and twitter can help you in finding the current trending topic.

There is one more way, which can be used in finding the most liked and most trending topic of the moment or day.

Use Social Bookmarking sites, to find what is currently hot on web and what other users are linking or liking on web. With some of the listed features of social bookmarking site – such as “coming up” can be extremely helpful in finding what is coming next on the site – and with the hits and likes you can easily determine the hot topics of the niche.

If you lacking the blog post topics then also social bookmarking sites can help you in getting topics. One more tip to work on social bookmarking in search of topics is – when viewing the topic – just don’t forget to read the comments, it might lead to something new and at the same time provide knowledge.

Be Focused in Your Actions

Some people don’t aim that what they want to get – people try a hell lot of things and shed dollars and efforts too, but since then when they are not clear on what they require it is hard for others to understand.

I have got one contact in my contact list – he is exactly the same of what I have mentioned above. He talks too much – but in real all his actions are vague. Going in pointless directions and hitting to the wall is normal for these types.

You are losing aim
When I say this – I do mean you are hitting unnecessarily too much on things that are not related to your niche and this is the reason despite of all the efforts your success goes nowhere.

This is the foremost reason of not being successful.

You are Good Not Bad
Don’t have a feeling that if you react the way the person above is reacting then you are bad – you are no bad – but moving in the pointless direction. To make yourself correct you need to follow few things:

  1. Just don’t have incorrect feeling about you that you are the only one that is always correct.
  2. Respect others Turn around and don’t try to change the focus to yours.
  3. You are not the last intelligent person on earth.
  4. Just don’t have attitude because this could bring you in hell.

Lacking focus is normal – everybody at some point or the other does that – but regaining back is real important. If you don’t – then you will be nowhere.