Have Your Website on Secure Server for SEO

Counter competition is the biggest ask for search engine optimization work. There are certain ways which can easily bring down your competition a bit. This is not about linking or doing any off page tasks or to hire a SEO guru.

Very Easy SEO Technique
Google is not always difficult to understand but you need to understand what they are trying to convey and what actually needs to be done to be natural in search optimization.

One such method which is surely working and have tested it at various levels – Is to make your website Secure when we say secure it means it should be on HTTPS (SSL – Secure Sockets Layer).

If you make your website secure SSL enabled google bots will feel safe about the website and will surely help in raising the ranking. Keeping a check with your website that you should bound to have original content and meaningful content and some visitors though.

Duplicate Content won’t help. For those thinking that copying a content and putting it on secure server with HTTPS will help them easily gain ranking – so they are exactly and absolutely wrong – Google has pinpointed that secure websites would be a good choice but if your content is copied then you are doing no good to either search engine or your readers.

Keeping Rest All Same
All other SEO standards remains the same – nothing changed in those but with all other SEO standards you implement secure server to your website – that will a be a good bet.

Key for Search Engine Optimization 2016

Different people have different methods to recommend SEO but one should always keep in mind that what right in SEO is to think or work like what search engine wants. Their may be many gurus for search engine optimization but not all hit the bulls-eye.

Search Engine Optimization Not a Rocket Science
Making optimization tasks complicated is what most of the people do but certainly search engine optimization is about thinking and acting logically. Search engine optimization is all about logical thinking and working.

What Works Best for Optimization
To highlight one factor for the easy understanding and raising the search engine ranking is link your content with Social sites. For example: Facebook, Google plus and few others etc.

Now, the catch to these linking from social sites is – Don’t Link the Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content on Social Sites
Search engine seriously don’t like the duplicate or repetitive content to link from social sites back to you site. For example: If you post a certain information on Facebook to link to your site – don’t put the same set of information or content to Google Plus to link back to your site. This will certainly not help and will result in rather degrading your site ranking.

You need to understand search bots are pretty smart to figure our that one set of content is linking from many social sites back to one page; therefore, they easily figure out what you are trying to do.

Key for Search Engine Optimization
Be as natural as you can in your backlinks – so that this should not feel like you are fabricating or pushing something to increase the ranking.

Social Bookmaking Will Take You No Where

Google has changed much with the every update in the search algorithm. Now, its even more difficult for SEO people to do optimization for any website.

Previous people were taking it too easy to do any SEO for the website – Just make some social bookmarking entries and Google will mark the website as Good backlinks and will increase the ranking.

Times and Algorithm Changed
Google has changed every piece of algorithm, which was pointing to rating of bookmarking backlinks. People who are still doing and paying people to do social bookmarking can really stop immediately.

Since, this would be negative optimization for your website. We have tested it all and then came up with this review.

Reason for This
Many people are doing bookmarking and just for the sake of gaining backlinks and this is given rise to nothing but a whole bunch of backlinks which are nothing but just for the sake of optimization.

As, People were submitting same information again and again to same top PR bookmarking sites that this would obvious be looked up as spam.

When it’s Nice Around You

It’s a feeling around you that makes you happy and you excel in your work – I hope you are not thinking that you have visited a love blog – this is still a Webmaster blog.

Nice is the stuff I am talking about today on this blog post. You might have heard about lot of updates that has happened on Google and because of it – lot many sites have lost their rankings.

This is what you can relate to the “Nice” feeling.

What is Nice – I am talking about?
Its just about the right user experience that you have to give to any of your user when they visit your website.

Google loves it – if you give the right user experience to your visitors – since Google loves the content.

Now how to provide the right user experience: You just have to work on your content and it’s not about writing – but about the placement.

You need to place your content – or rate your content over the ads – you cant just post ads over your content – its counted as bad user experience and Google has become very very strict on this.

Therefore, create the nice user experience so when user feels that it’s nice around them they will like your website – and at the same time Google will list your website ahead of competition.

You will score at the end of the day!

Have Expressive Titles for Your Web Pages

Titles determine the pages name, it usually describes that what you will be getting if you are viewing any particular page heading. Also, page headings or Titles are important on Google search because it’s your site’s face on search.

Also, It helps Google to distinguish between the different pages present in your website. But there has been a recent change in the Google policy. So, make the changes accordingly on your website/blog for it.

Title Policy Now on Google.com
Google is confused about the site titles – because people normally, would type in the titles like: About us – Contact us – Services etc.

So, if you see Google, there are billions of these similar page titles in their index, which is why Google changed the title policy. It has been done to have the proper differentiation between the pages of the website.

Like for example: You are having about us and your website name is Infogle.com – so you have to write it the same way – explaining in the title itself:

> About us of Infogle.com
or > About us for Infogle.com
> Contact us Information of Infogle.com

Titles should have a proper definition that what are they meant for. It will not only help Google – but it will benefit your site too on the search index.

People searching for content will have proper information that what link they are clicking on and you could get more precise traffic for your site – that is why it is recommended now to have a definitive title for your web pages.