Do Check When Posting Comments on Blog

If you are doing SEO and for this you are depending on the blog comments then you have to watch few things before you attempt to do blog comment work.

Blog comments are a good source to gain quick backlinks and at the same time it can help you improve you traffic instantly. You just have to remember that you post new links of your blog or website in every comment you post.

Few Things to Check
When you visit any blog and like to place comment – just check on few things before:

  1. The blog is not nofollow.
  2. There must not be more than 10-comments at the time you are posting.
  3. Your niche must be same – but do not attempt to post in the exact same niche – try placing on related niche too.

The reason I have said so that not more than 10-comments should be there – because to pass on the link juice if there are more than 10-links then it is likely that google will not count this and in some cases if google counts than the weightage will be very less.

blog comments

Last thing you need to remember is don’t try to post more than 2000-approved comments in a month. If you do so – it is very much possible that Google will straightway mark your website/blog as spam.

SEO: Sub-Domain Policy Changed

Google recently updated one more policy – it’s for sub-domains. As, sub-domains have always been treated as something not within the website and with the URL SEO structure – it made even worse for sub-domains to be used in websites.

People have been shy to use sub-domains in their websites because of Google and its policy. But now things have changed. New, sub-domain policy has been introduced.

New Sub-domain Policy
According to the recent update from Google – sub-domains that were previously treated as something not within the website is changed.

Now, sub-domains are treated the entity within the website. Links generated or linked from sub-domains previously were treated as outside links but now they will be treated as one unit.

I do think with this new sub-domain policy there will be some change in the URL structure as well.

Since, sub-domains links are now treated as generated within the website. More and more people will use it.

The reason Google must have changed this policy is due to the face that more and more seo hungry people were making sub-domains and linking back to their main domain. This could have given rise to spam link-building technique.

Now, with changed scenario it will still be powerful to use sub-domains as it will increase the onsite seo authority for any site.

Website Traffic is Fluctuating Again

I have seen in the last couple of days that website traffic has been fluctuating either its very low or very high – since there is no major content addition or deletion but then also traffic is fluctuating so much.

Some More
May be Google is taking it again – with their recent panda update – many websites were badly hit – I am assuming that this time they are doing the same or some new update.

How Traffic Increases Of Decreases
It’s actually a million dollar question that what works behind the scenes which actually rises you above in the search listing or pushes you below.

This basically happens due to backlinks – if your website acquired 5000-backlinks and its now ranking and suddenly it starts falling then the issue is mostly of backlinks. The websites on which you have placed your backlinks have lost some rank or juice and this directly reflects in your ranking too.

More Into
Therefore, it is said that SEO is the continuous process. In order to stay at particular rank – you should keep doing SEO on regular intervals.

website traffic

Also, it is advised that you should alternately use your backlink method every month if you are trying to gain backlinks – so that search engines bots don’t mark your method as spam.

Use SEO Smart links Plugin for Easy Linking

WordPress can be customized in various ways and this makes it the best CMS for blogging. Also, with wordpress you can do fast blogging if you have set everything before.

Hyper-linking the keywords on blog post is always recommend – making the navigation easy for the reader to click and visit and also makes the post interesting.

But it is not always possible to remember the hyperlinks and not recommended to search every time for the hyperlinks.

SEO Smart Plugin Easy Solution
This plugin makes the blogger’s life easy as it harvests all your desired keywords and hyperlinks.

With easy installation – you can get started. Just type in your keyword and your hyperlink and save it.

Now, every time that keyword comes in the blog post it will automatically get hyperlinked to your desired destination. Erasing all your worries to keep a track of hyperlinks.

SEO Smart Plugin

You can use the SEO Smart Plugin for linking to your affiliate keyword – facebook page – twitter account and most importantly to the inner pages of your site.

Just make a single list of keywords and hyperlinks and enter in to the SEO Smart Plugin.

Download: SEO Smart Plugin

Infogle Link Directory is Growing Huge

Our link directory though started just as trial project but over the years has grown so much – that it has out reached our capacity to approve the regular pending links on time.

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If we try to figure out the reason of popularity for our directory – it could be just one – that our directory is been online for all these years and google has been crawling our directory links to its index.

As most of the link directories are easy come and easy go.

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