Design Ecommerce Website is Part of Infogle

We have recently launched a different website to cater the ecommerce designing customers separately.

This website is part of Infogle – so when you reach to this website for any designing be sure that you will get quality work and on time performance – as it is been backed up a 10-year old company.

Excellent Staff Match up
We have dedicated staff related to this work – therefore, you can get the quality performance every time.

For any query that is submitted via is usually replied within 2hrs at any given day.

Competitive Rates
As per the Infogle norms we believe in quality at competitive rates – the same has been kept for the designing ecommerce website. You will get excellent work and great performance from our side at the most competitive rates.

We also have clubbed various Freebies for you along with the ecommerce website development.

We not only make your online store we actually make successful business for you.

WordPress 3.3 is Available

WordPress new version 3.3 is now available.

New WordPress 3.3 looks excellent and there are many added features to it. The new added feature will make blogging so easy.

New Features
Not only in terms of looks but in terms of features also wordpress 3.3 admin area has lot to offer.

  1. Only one upload option for all media.
  2. Flyout menu for easy navigation.
  3. Header now has more enhanced tool bar.

Many other features too – but the one added feature this time is – wordpress will tell you every time you post or update anything that what feature they have upgraded. By sticking short snippets to the updated tools.

Many exciting features in new WordPress 3.3 – Update Now!

WordPress Protection from Hacking

We have seen that there is a sudden rise in the hacking attempts of blogs and websites – which are on wordpress platform.

With reports that hackers are getting in to wordpress sites/blogs through the plugins – as there are some plugins which have bugs and hackers utilize it – to get in to the site.

Therefore, it is always advised to keep your plugins up-to-date, so that hackers don’t get a chance to utilize the bug. But despite of all the efforts – hackers still get in to the wordpress sites and host their malicious and vulnerable codes.

Protect Your WordPress
I have tried every thing – updating plugins and installing new plugins – changing frequent passwords – but guess these all are of no help.

Then I tried the ultimate idea of changing the file permissions and bingo it helped – till now!

With File Permissions – you changed the permission so that no one can over-write it and this is what needed to protect your wordpress sites.

With no writing permission – no one from outside can edit those files.

Therefore, if you are struggling with regular hacking attempts on your wordpress platform sites – then change the file permissions – but don’t forget to update your plugins – as they are equally important.

Use SEO Smart links Plugin for Easy Linking

WordPress can be customized in various ways and this makes it the best CMS for blogging. Also, with wordpress you can do fast blogging if you have set everything before.

Hyper-linking the keywords on blog post is always recommend – making the navigation easy for the reader to click and visit and also makes the post interesting.

But it is not always possible to remember the hyperlinks and not recommended to search every time for the hyperlinks.

SEO Smart Plugin Easy Solution
This plugin makes the blogger’s life easy as it harvests all your desired keywords and hyperlinks.

With easy installation – you can get started. Just type in your keyword and your hyperlink and save it.

Now, every time that keyword comes in the blog post it will automatically get hyperlinked to your desired destination. Erasing all your worries to keep a track of hyperlinks.

SEO Smart Plugin

You can use the SEO Smart Plugin for linking to your affiliate keyword – facebook page – twitter account and most importantly to the inner pages of your site.

Just make a single list of keywords and hyperlinks and enter in to the SEO Smart Plugin.

Download: SEO Smart Plugin

WordPress 3.2 Error and Solution

If you are thinking of updating to wordpress version 3.2 or if you have updated – just keep a check on the following if you are witnessing something like.

WordPress 3.2 Error
This is common error and pretty much all are getting this – as you update your wordpress to version 3.2 – Admin sidebar goes missing. This is quite frustrating.

Easy Solution
This is the error because of “WP Insert” plugin – as your sidebar is missing you cant navigate to the plugins page – just following the following:

Navigation to the Plugins Page URL:

Just deactivate the “WP Insert” plugin and your admin sidebar will be live again.

Permanent Solution
Since the above is temporary. If you really want to have this plugin then you should update it to version 1.7.4

As, you update “WP Insert” plugin your admin sidebar will be visible again.

After your update also, if you witness this error – then just clear your browser cookies – and wordpress error will be instantly solved.

wordpress error

This is a good example that you should always update your wordpress and wordpress plugins as the updates available.