What to Do When WordPress Plugin Crashes

If you are a blogger or hosting any wordpress site – then you must have witnessed the plugin crash. Believe me this is the worst experience for anybody when you open your website or blog and see the error. A long confused PHP string – very annoying isn’t it.

But for every difficult and ugly situation there are simple solutions – which you can do to overcome this.

Solution for WordPress Plugin Crash
When you see the PHP error on your wordpress hosted site – so just watch in the string you will find some thing like: “…/plugins/…”

This means the error is pointing to the wordpress plugin crash – don’t panic and just login to your FTP.

  • Open the folder name: ‘wp-content’
  • In this folder you will find a folder named: ‘plugins’

Just open this and you will find a list plugin-folders, which you have on your wordpress – just check with the error and see which plugin is having error.

Rename that folder to something else or just a ‘0’ in the folder name. This will erase the error on your wordpress website and you can access the admin panel and website as previously.

Just don’t forget to note the error string, line number and file name. So, you can check the file from the ftp for the error correction. Most of these errors are caused due to version conflicts and could be easily solved with just normal upgrade process.

Easy Code to Embed Facebook Video

Liked a video on Facebook and wanted to embed on your blog or website – but hate using the plugin for it then here is a simple solution – which you can use to have the videos of facebook on your blog or website.

How to
After you have finished watching the video on the facebook – and video finishes – you get the option on the video screen “Go to Video” – click on that.

You will come to the new page where you will see only this video and the comments below it. Now comes the steps you need to follow to have the video embed on your blog or website.

Step1: Just watch the URL of the video page you have just landed in. You see a code some thing like this:  …/video.php?v=10150294496535650

Step2: Copy the numbers present in the URL that is: 10150294496535650

Step3: Copy the following code and replace AAA with the above-mentioned video number in the step2.

< object width=”400″ height=”224″ >
<param name=”allowfullscreen” value=”true” />
<param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always” />
<param name=”movie” value=”http://www.facebook.com/v/AAA” />
<embed src=”http://www.facebook.com/v/AAA” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash”
allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”400″ height=”224″>
</object >

You are done!

After you have replaced the AAA with your video number – you are ready with your embed code – Go ahead and paste it on to your blog or website directly.

Hope this information is of help to you.

Setting Up An Ecommerce Website

These days a lot of people are setting up ecommerce sites – not only to sell virtual products but a lot other products are selling well. Internet has become pioneer shopping destination.

If you are the one – who is thinking of developing ecommerce site then you should take care of some of the points before you start. As these points can easily enhance your sales.

Points to Take Care on Ecommerce Site
First of all, you need to understand that everyone is not techy enough to cope-up with complex things on the website. Therefore follow the following steps for ecommerce sites:

  1. Make the navigation easier.
  2. Mention clearly about shipping and EMI if any available.
  3. Place the shopping cart at visible location.
  4. Put the checkout button visible enough.
  5. Do provide multiple payment options.
  6. And foremost thing is with a single click product could be added to the shopping cart. This method will definitely enhance the sales.

You need to understand from customer perspective and make their shopping experience easy.

Do not forget to include money back guarantee – as this is very much needed for any sale. Customer should have an impression that the product is good and therefore the guarantee is given.

Satisfaction is must for any ecommerce site.

Blog or Website Which One to Choose

There might be thousands of options if you are looking to start an online venture but what is the right module you need to pickup when starting anything online. With the blogs rediscovering everyday – you need to make the right decision what to choose.

Spot Your Difference
If you count the difference then you will be able to understand easily what to choose – so let’s start spotting the differences:

  1. Blogs are easy to update – like writing in a word document, formatting and when you submit it takes all from the theme itself. On the other hand if you want to update plain HTML website its tedious for a non-techy person.
  2. Blogs are easily optimized – whereas we all know it’s not always easy to optimize HTML pages.
  3. Plugins on blog makes-work easy – but in HTML there is no such addon available.
  4. Want to change the design – implement the new theme and all content will automatically take the shape of new theme in blogs. Websites are a complete redo when it comes to changing design.
  5. Blogs can be multipurpose – whereas HTML website need to specific.
  6. New designs are readily available for cheap prices – but website comes with a different cost.
  7. At last – Blogs can design and work as HTML websites – but simple HTML cannot.

Therefore, from the above differences – I will not comply you the option but will leave up to you what do you choose.

Make Users Stay Longer on Blog

People do install plugins on their wordpress and you can count on plugins that they are the lifesaver for any wordpress blogs. As without some plugins wordpress blog is as incomplete as it is skin without pigmentation.

I am not saying about all those sitemap or Akismet plugins – but some of the plugins are must on your wordpress blogs – as they provide life to your blog.

Needed Plugin
You must have written exceptional well post for your blog – it is ranking well for the keyword in search engine too – people are reading it. These are all good happenings for your blog – but when the user lands on to your blog – how can you make them stay longer on your blog?

As you might have written other good articles too but for some or the other reason they are not ranking in search engines – Grrr!! Seo techniques – but you can show the same to your users.

Use the Related Post Plugin – it will make your users busy on your blog by not only showing them the related posts – but they could also see the quality writing that you have done in the past.

This plugin is not only used to show or make users busy on your blog – but could also make user to subscriber for your blog – in urge of getting future updates as well.