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Content – Matching – Placement Powers PPC

It is always been a big topic for every one that what is the correct ads placement technique and with which type of placement you can earn more.
Right Placement
As for the blogs is much harder to get people interested in your ads placement, as blogs are themselves an information source so people are not likely to click on ads that are placed in the blogs. But this theory proves wrong in some cases in which the blogger has actually placed the ads in the right place and believe me it will naturally be pertain to clicks.

Make Placement

Now this is the million-dollar question isn’t it? No! Absolutely not, why because with just a few common sense applied to your blog could give your good PPC rate, this works fine in your are having contextual ads to display mainly adsense, bidvertiser and other similar networks which display the ads matching to your content or you have the choice to display the required category ads in your blog posts.
Just make your mind as user sees the contextual ads, if you will place the contextual ads as they are text so they are not that much eye catching as banner ads are, so better placement for contextual ads in within content.


This does not mean that you should implement this in the middle of your blog posts like half a post and then contextual ads and then the rest half of post. Though this placement will prove right for sometime but will lead to distress the users who visit your blog for any information.
The best to place your ads is in the bottom of the each post and that also after the content and before the comment area. This theory works and I will explain how.
Theory Works
As you place ads in the bottom of the content this is of much effect as per the user is concerned; he is just flowing with your content from top to bottom.
You have actually build user mind to that topic and as we all know contextual ads are matched with the content so the ads which the user will see will be off your matching content and as user is flowing with your post and see some relative ads for the same content then it is likely that user will click the ads.
This theory also works if you have banner ads matching to your content to be placed at the bottom. Now this is just a “white hat” ads placement technique, which could give you a bit extra push to your PPC earning.

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