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Outsourcing your seo work has been general now, every Webmaster or a blogger now days outsource their seo work to seo companies. It’s not always that the webmasters don’t know about the seo and that’s why they outsource. Probably of some busy schedules tends to outsource them.

This is the reason that many new seo companies have evolved, but as in all businesses some seo companies are reliable and others are here to make quick cash out.

This is not though that complete seo sector is booming its some areas of seo’s that are really booming and you could see many small-medium-large companies evolving in this area.

Directory Submission
I am talking about the directory submission, as this is the low cost seo technique, which could probably bring instant traffic to your websites. Now the point of concern is lot more people are actually doing these kinds of directory submissions, and the same percentage is for the people who are getting it done.

Now here comes the point you need to watch when you are outsourcing your directory submission work. As I said lot more people are doing this work and that’s why due to increasing competition, many directory submission companies actually promise you some out of the way techniques and at the end your website has to suffer a lot.


Behind the Scenes
Here is it, what’s happening in directory submissions, companies promise that they will provide you so-and-so number of featured listing if you take on this package or that, so to full fill many such companies are actually making a false submission.

False submission in the sense that they are not actually paying directories to get featured listing they are just placing a featured link and not paying for it. And at the end what happens the listing, which are featured and not paid, are actually deleted and some are also banned. Ultimately your website has to suffer, as some directory submission companies don’t give the correct data of submission.

Knowing a Fact
How I am commenting on this and how do I know? As I also have a link directory and nearly 10k links already submitted. I also have the same problem every day while approving the links many featured links are posted and previously I was deleting them and when I saw next day same links submitted again, therefore I started to ban some IPs and domains from the directory.

So, if you are outsourcing you directory submission work to someone keep in mind to get the complete approval list and remember to crosscheck the list. As only this way you can protect your website.

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