Power of 10000 (Ten Thousand)

I was too much excited today as I was waiting for this day to arrive this week, and finally it happened. I crossed over 10,000 links in my deep linking directory and still counting.

Happens in Business
All ups and downs with my directory business but the truth is I am here and made a good income though with this. First I made a simple directory in 2006 because I think that time deep linking directory was not available, when I looked at deep linking directory structure in 2007 I was more eager to start with it.

But my old link directory had almost 7000+ unfortunately I had to drop that and start with this deep linking directory with Zero-links present. But this was not the biggest concern for me. As I had the traffic, which was aware of, the URL and I just drive that traffic to the new location.

My Directory
Deep linking increased the income. This is pretty much true that as soon as I implemented deep linking structure my directory income rise. With previous simple link directory I was just making between $5-$10 per month and by till now with deep linking directory I am making $50+ per month.

This $50 is been further split in to three categories. First income with sponsors, second with PPC implemented, and third directory submission. This is not much but compared to the time and efforts I have made this is good.


My suggestion for all the directory owners and starters is do give every option for the directory submitters to submit their links as they want to and if they feel that they will be benefited with submitting as featured listing they will.

For the moment I am thinking of some unexplored monetizing methods for my directory. I will keep you all updated of my new monetizing method soon.

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