I Stopped Giving Ebooks For Free

If you have been following my blog from past new months then you must know about the fact that I used to give free ebooks in my blog and already made a special ebooks category for the work.

But now I have stopped giving the free ebooks – the reason behind this is people have started giving their ebooks for free not just for the purpose of knowledge sharing but in recent past I have had bunch of spam emails who were actually interested in giving their ebooks for free but with no knowledge and most of them were purely advertisement of their products and services.

This annoyed me much because reading each and every ebook is not an easy task and some were even clever enough to hide their advertisements between pages. Therefore, people were actually spamming my idea of giving free ebooks in my blog.

Now that I have fallen in to this spam – so thought to stop providing this for few days and next I will search for some good ebooks and include them in my blog after getting the copyright holder permission.

Not only people were advertising – I have many emails from spammers – who actually pretend that they have written this ebook but the reality was the ebook was written by someone else and they tried me to give the copyright content/ebook for free – so its clearly a DMCA copyright violation and I could have to pay fine for this.

At last halting all such things is good. As good things always come to an end and after the end there is a new beginning.

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