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    Moneybookers sucks big time. I’m guessing you got to be one of the lucky ones, because their customer service is piss-poor, their agents are unable to grasp even the most basic spelling concepts, and seem to be just like paypal with regards to product knowledge (i.e. their expertise does not go beyond navigating their own website’s infuriating labyrinth of a help section). And, in the end, they did not even provide an answer to my question.

    My job is online-based, and as my employer is UK-based and I’m in the US, they HAVE to pay me via moneybookers. I’ve only been paid twice – the first time I verified my account by letter; fair enough, it worked, they said my account was set up. Today I just got paid again, and now they suddenly want ANOTHER verification method! I use the “instant” method of debiting my card, but it fails (even though there’s money on it) and keeps taking me back in circles to the same page.

    Honestly, if I had the choice, I’d take a better job, or use a different payment method. But I don’t; please don’t be fooled by MB; just because they’re FSA-regulated doesn’t mean they’re not as bad as Paypal, or all the other FSA-regulated banks (like Barclays, who kept mixing up my mum’s and my accounts).

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    Vivek Raju

    You said that “when the money reaches your bank account, in the transaction summary of the moneybookers slip, you get a 6-digit alphanumeric code, which you can use to verify your bank account.”

    But I’ve got a problem with that. When I enter the code that I got from my bank, the moneybookers doesn’t accept it. It says ‘Invalid Code’.

    I thought that I might’ve entered the wrong code. When I rechecked with my bank, the code was correct.

    What may be the problem. If you can help me..

    Thanks in advance

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      Sure i would… but you need to describe a bit – where are you from and which bank you are using – do you have online access to the account and which type of account you are having.??

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    You said

    Now, when the money reaches you bank account, in the transaction summary of the moneybookers slip, you get a 6-digit alphanumeric code, which you can use to verify your bank account. It’s very simple to do and it can be done with 3-4 working days.

    Are you sure that the code is a 6 digit alphanumeric code?

    I’m from Bangalore, India and I use ICICI bank.

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      Yes i am sure about it

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    I also have got the same problem. I have got a code for the transaction.
    But moneybookers doesnt accept it. I have rechecked the code. I dont know what to do. Please comments.

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      Ok if your transaction code is not accepted than you can use the address to get the new code for verification – just tell them to send you the letter for verification and they will write code in it – when you get the letter – just write the code and that’s it!

      Hope it helps…

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    JuliaJolie you think this is a problem? Check out what happened to this guy


    They did all they could to prevent him withdrawing his money. This is a spine chilling story.

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    Tauseef Ghauri

    Hi to All ,

    My experience with money booker is very poor. They dont send me the letter that they claiming 2-4 days. My account was registered at 6-Feb-2010 and i am still not getting my letter so that i can work with my e commerce website.

    I am very sorry. Very Dissatisfied Service.


    Tauseef Ghauri

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    hi to all
    i have opened moneybooker’s account on 24-2-10 and i didnt recieve my address verification letter yet .on 16-3-10 i edited my address plz tel me will they send me letter or not i have edited because my postel code was in correct they always showed that they send the letter bt am still waiting…………………..
    plz help me some one

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      it looks like you have changed your address till they sent the document to you – but anyways do let me know when did you asked them to send the verification code to your address? also in which country you are from?

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    thankx for your reply am from pakistan i have asked on same day when i created my account on 24-2-10

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    still waiting for ur reply help me

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    ok i think as you created the account and asked for verification and due to same delay… they might have sent the verification letter at max of 4-working days – but as you have written that you have entered the incorrect postal address – so chances might be that due to wrong postal address your letter has not reached you – i suggest you to contact the local post office and also… there could be another reason – that as you are in pakistan the letter would take some more time to reach you – calculate 20-25 working days for letter to reach you.

    Hope now this helps 🙂 if not i am here to help

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    thank you so much

    i have written my query related to “address verification problem” to money booker’s email support. they issued me a ticket number but i dont know how to see the reply of my query.

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    Hi, and what if I cannot receive the letter for verification, I´m not from UK, Europe, etc? 🙁 that means that I will lose my money? do you know any other method, please let me know..

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    Thanks for your nice tips but I have a question. Which one is better Paypal or MB?

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    Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

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    I’m totally disappointed with Moneybooker’s bank verification process. The address verification was good. I live in India.

    To verify my bank account, a small sum was deposited to my account with a verification code. I was happy. I entered the verification code and it said “invalid code”. I recheck and recheck. The code I enter is the same I was provided, but still Monkeybookers said “invalid code”.

    I DO have online access to my bank account. So, there is no chance that a wrong code was given to me by the bank executive. I even copied and pasted the code.

    There is a significant amount of money in my Moneybookers account now and I’m unable to withdraw it. I feel trapped.

    The very fact that such a thing is actually happening makes me lose trust in Moneybookers. I also have a lot of other issues to be addressed, but my immediate concern is focussed on getting the money to my bank account.

    Before using Moneybookers, I was using Paypal. When Paypal stopped electronic transfers to India, I had to switch to Moneybookers. I heard that Paypal resumed electronic transfers just a couple of days after I got this money deposited in my Moneybookers account.

    My overall experience with Moneybookers has been not so pleasant.


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    ujwal maharjan

    I am still not able to verify my bank account number. The bank does have the swift but still …..


    ” In order to verify your bank account, you need to request a bank transfer withdrawal with an amount less than USD 15.00. We will then make a payment for this amount to your bank account and include a unique verification code in its reference field. This is the code which you will have to enter after you receive the payment. “

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    The following is a message I posted in Moneybrokers email support page:

    Let me tell you that your credit/debit card verification process is a bloody pain in the arse and a complete and utter failure. Since my card issuer doesn’t display the transaction’s currency in Euro but instead in my local currency, I have to do the conversion myself. The following are the steps that I undertook:

    1) I visited my debit card’s exchange rate page (VISA CORPORATE SITE – http://corporate.visa.com/pd/consumer_services/consumer_ex_rates.jsp) to get the February 17, 2011 EXCHANGE RATE and got the following rate:

    1 EUR = 59.151325 PHP

    2) Based on the above exchange rate, I proceeded with computing the deducted amount in Euro:

    Amount deducted from my debit card in my local currency – 149.02 PHP

    Amount in Euro – 2.5193011314623975033526298861437 EUR or 2.52 EUR

    3) I entered 2.52 in the verification amount field and got this fucking error:

    “You have entered the incorrect amount. You must wait 24 hours before we will allow you to make another attempt. Our service department will be unable to assist you during this period.


    Please check again on your statement for the exact amount in EUR. If your credit/debit card issuer does not show the amount in EUR, you cannot verify your card with Moneybookers. Do NOT try and guess the amount!”

    After 24 hours, I entered 2.51 and got the same error. If I cannot verify my card with Moneybookers, how should I proceed then?!?

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    As you say you verify your moneybooker account by bank account.I do same like that. i withdraw some amount $15 from moneybooker then after 3 to 5 day i didn’t get payment and also my moneybooker account also block. what i do please help me thankx advance

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      You need to contact moneybookers because your account is blocked.

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    One more question if i have moneybooker account and i will be verify by another person bank account then there will be any problem or it will be verify.

    1. 19.1


      I do think there is an issue because the name on moneybookers account will be yours and you will give bank account name of some other person – this will simply not work because both accounts name dont match.

      hope this helps.

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    thankx for replay ok i will contact with theme.my moneybooker account and my bank account name are same.

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    Dear all, particularly Infogle, I am facing a problem. I recently setup an account on moneybookers.com and received payment through it the other day. But the problem is that when I try ti withdraw the money via bank account, they ask me to enter a verification code. They say they have mailed me the code, while I have not received it during the last almost two months.
    Please help and guide me how to transfer money to my bank account to withdraw it?

    Best regards
    Muhammad Shahid

    1. 21.1

      Infogle Admin

      There are other verification also which you can do – if you have not received your code via postal mail – You can withdraw some minimum amount to bank and with it moneybookers will send you the code – which you can view in the bank statement. Also i suggest mailing the moneybookers support that you have not received code via post – therefore either they should resent it or you should opt for the other ways of verification.

      Hope this helps.

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    Fast response time? Seriously? I requested a verification letter on the 6th july,its now the 21st and still haven’t received it.

    Made 2 complaints,both have taken over 2 days to respond to.

    Fast response-don’t make me laugh.

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      Infogle Admin

      Do let me know where are you from? Because it do depends on the country also – but it normally takes 20+days to arrive. There are other verification methods too. You can try those.

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    I am from uk.

    Was also told that I could send a letter with my address on it and send it via email and they’d verify me that way.

    Everytime I email them it takes over 2 days to get a response-its unbelievable!

    Aren’t they headquarted in London? So why such a delay both by snail mail and email?

    I just don’t get it,needed to use this moneybookers account over 2 weeks ago when I reached my limit,why I didnt stick to other payment methods I already use I just don’t know.

    The worst thing is Im charged for sending money out of the account yet I was more than prepared to use the account until all of this hassle unfolded.


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