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Have Your Website on Secure Server for SEO

Counter competition is the biggest ask for search engine optimization work. There are certain ways which can easily bring down your competition a bit. This is not about linking or doing any off page tasks or to hire a SEO guru.

Very Easy SEO Technique
Google is not always difficult to understand but you need to understand what they are trying to convey and what actually needs to be done to be natural in search optimization.

One such method which is surely working and have tested it at various levels – Is to make your website Secure when we say secure it means it should be on HTTPS (SSL – Secure Sockets Layer).

If you make your website secure SSL enabled google bots will feel safe about the website and will surely help in raising the ranking. Keeping a check with your website that you should bound to have original content and meaningful content and some visitors though.

Duplicate Content won’t help. For those thinking that copying a content and putting it on secure server with HTTPS will help them easily gain ranking – so they are exactly and absolutely wrong – Google has pinpointed that secure websites would be a good choice but if your content is copied then you are doing no good to either search engine or your readers.

Keeping Rest All Same
All other SEO standards remains the same – nothing changed in those but with all other SEO standards you implement secure server to your website – that will a be a good bet.

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