Abdominal Obesity The Cause and Cure

Many people gain weight around the belly and I am sure a lot of you world agree with me that it is quite embarrassing to have a potbelly! This not only takes away the charm of wearing the right clothes but it’s also mighty hard to get rid off!

What is abdominal fat all about?
Different people have different fat storage areas. Most men store fat around the abdomen, also called he stomach. This fat is stored in fat cells. As we store more fat, the cells grow bigger. The fat cells are stored between the skin and muscle and also in the deeper tissues called the visceral fat, which surrounds the vital body organs.

The mode of fat storage is different in men and women. Most men store abdominal fat first, followed by hips and thighs. Women store fat around the hips, thighs, arms and t hen in the abdominal area.

The Mind-Body Connection
Interestingly, there is a very direct mind and body connection. People who are chronically stressed produce large amounts of body steroid called cortisol. It affects the fat distribution by causing fat to be deposited in the abdominal and visceral areas.

The adrenal system is linked to the stress response of “fight or flight”. As we get more and more stressed, the body produces a large dose of this hormone, which not only results in weight gain on the belly but also many other disorders connected to insulin malfunctioning.

Diseases Connected With Abdominal Obesity
To name a few there are cardiovascular disorders, high cholesterol, diabetes and polycystic ovary. A study conducted by Yale University demonstrated a higher level of cortisol in postmenopausal women, leading to abdominal obesity.


How Can One Lose This Fat
The biggest misconception is that one can lose spot fat by spot exercise! The truth is that the body has a complicated system of fat disposition and fat removal, so exercising a particular body fat area results in toning that area, which may initially look like some sort of inch loss due to the tightening of the muscle tissue! But to burn fat on the abdomen, one should follow a combination of a fat loss diet along with cardiovascular training and muscle conditioning, pranayam and de-stressing exercises.

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