Bio Hormones Do Us Good

All life on the planet has very tiny molecules called hormones that are produced by the organism. These bio hormones are capable of stimulating regeneration, initiating growth, repairing or healing, controlling or modifying reproduction, growth etc. in short, these hormones are the signals/messengers to individual parts of the organism, giving instructions on how to perform.

Hormones are produced in humans, animals and plants. Plants have many hormones, which help the plant to fight diseases and insects. Plant hormones called phytohormones have a very useful effect on the human body, and the best part is that even if plant hormones are used without modifying in the lab, they still work very well as the human body does not reject or violently react to plant hormones, the way it does to un-modified animal hormones.

Root for Soya
They’re several effects of plant hormones, such as balancing the human hormones. These are found typically in isoflavones like soya products. The best preparation of soya is actually tofu.

Tofu is fermented soya so it has minimal amount of gas or digestional problems. Tofu is available as soya paneer. Soya melt is another good option. it retains most of the benefits of soya. Soya flour however has less benefit compared to tofu/soya milk.

Due to the problems associated with hormonal replacement therapy in postmenopausal women, a safer alternative is a natural product like soya. Men can also safely consume soya; they will not suffer any hormonal problem because natural hormones present in plants do not influence male hormones (unlike synthetic hormonal preparations). They are also beneficial for patients of diabetes and heart ailments. But low thyroid patient must be careful and have them judiciously.


Another very interesting aspect of hormones is the use of flower hormones and essences called aromatherapy (treatment from flower essential oils). Many people associated only fragrances with essential oils but that is not entirely true. Plant essential oils are very good as treatment materials. Dr. Bach and goes by his name studied this treatment process as Bach flower therapy.

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