Bust Those Weight Myths

Weight loss dieting is something, which people read, think and have many questions about. Strangely, in my interaction with people, I have discovered that there are many misconceptions in people’s minds about weight loss, and often this prevents them from achieving their target.

Myth: Weight loss is about calorie control.
Fact: The calorie control theory as a weight loss method has been proven wrong many times over. Yet, thought health professionals have been talking about the calorie control method for years, it is difficult to erase it from public memory. The reason the calorie control method doesn’t work is because, firstly, drastic reduction in calories stimulates hunger. And beating hunger is a tall order. Secondly, nutritional deficiencies force the person after a while to give up on this method, and thirdly, the body gets used to this method and lowers the metabolism to keep pace with the low intake. Therefore, weight loss becomes exasperatingly difficult after a while.

Myth: Weight loss programs give permanent results.
Fact: Most weight loss programs are designed in such a way that they kick start weight loss and result in a defined weight loss over a period. But this is only the first phase of weight management, which is to give the desired weight loss. But for sustaining it, one must definitely follow a change in lifestyle too.

No weight loss program can succeed without lifestyle changes. Most such programs fail to give long-term results because people do not improve their lifestyles.

Myth: Exercises help weight loss.
Fact: Without diet management, exercise can only shape muscles and trim some areas (more in men and much less in women). Solid weight loss is extremely difficult and time consuming, particularly in women. This doesn’t mean that I am against exercise. On the contrary, people who exercise are admirable. But the fact is that weight loss at the end of the day is about eating right.

The quickest results can only come from food management. The real role if exercises comes in step two of weight management, which is about stabilizing the weight and inducing health and happiness, which, in my opinion, is the greatest contribution of exercise.


Myth: The right diet program works for everyone.
Fact: There is no singular diet program, which will work for everyone. Therefore, borrowed diet programs are frustrating. The best diet program is a tailor made one, where the person losing weight also gives inputs to his/her dietician to plan the diet. He/she works as a partner in progress rather than a victim of weight who is following the program blindly.

Myth: Weight loss will make you happy and beautiful.
Fact: Weight loss can make a person feel confident (especially in women) and attractive, but happiness will not comes from just losing weight. Similarly, beauty is not connected to weight loss, as women of any size can look beautiful!

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