What Ails Us?

There are several people who feel that they have a small appetite, and yet put on weight. So what is going wrong? Why is a normal diet not doing any good to the person? The answer to this question is based on some basic observations:

Most people assume that a normal diet consists of toasts, fruit, tea/milk for breakfast, two chapattis for lunch with vegetables, and two chapattis for dinner along with pulses/non-vegetarian and occasionally dessert. Not much, you would think. And yet, these are the people who have health problems.

Logic says that if one is facing weight gain or other health problems, it is directly related to the food and lifestyle one is following. Which means that even a normal diet is not of much help. Which in turn, demands that you change your diet.

What is a normal and healthy diet?
A normal or healthy diet is one, which is compatible with the person’s constitution and body. There is no fixed (perfect) diet that can be eaten by everyone. Instead, each individual should plan a diet that suits his/her body.

It is not a difficult proposition. Simply put, we should listen to our body signals, which constantly indicate and guide us on how we should eat. Today, in most of parts of the developing and developed world, there is very high consumption of refined foods, canned foods, foods with chemical preservatives and stabilizers. Eating this toxic concoction is playing havoc with our systems.

How to Attain Good Health
Health is a function of three key aspects: nutrition + mindset + exercise. If one eats reasonably health and exercises but is anxious and self-critical, then the body will fall ill. There will be problems relating to the heart, nerves and joints. Also, if one has a positive mindset and follows an exercise regime but does not pay attention to his/her diet, there are likely to be obesity and cholesterol problems.


It one is exercising well but has a negative mindset and does not eat sensibly, then likely disorders is gout, backache, liver and other problems. In short, being healthy in just one way is not sufficient to stay healthy overall. The complete triad of health must be followed to achieve true and ever lasting health.

I have seen that only persistent people succeed in achieving good health. People who try to lose weight easily are the ones who are unable to develop long-term healthy habits, because they find it so simple to lose weight.

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  1. Diet, mindset, and exercise, I agree.

    This become obvious in constipation. Foods with fibers, fluid, exercise, and concentrating on work and relatiobnships rather than worries is all needed to maintain regular bowel habit.

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