What Should Webmaster Exercise

This Post has been Guest Blogged by Jan Modric

Sitting for long hours beside computer day after day may cause these problems:
1. Back and wrist pain
2. Headache and dark circles under eyes
3. Hemorrhoids
4. Dehydration
5. Weight gain

1. Back and Wrist Pain
Back pain, either upper back pain or lower back (lumbar) pain may be due to inappropriate sitting position or prolonged sitting without pause. Wrist pain is due to wrist position during typing.

What to do?
Adjust chair height, so your thighs will be in the horizontal position (parallel with the floor), and your feet will touch the floor with the whole surface. Adjust desk height so your forearm will rest horizontally on the desk. Monitor should be on the level of your eyes. Put the keyboard in the horizontal position (don’t use keyboard stands to raise the front part of keyboard). Consider using wrist-resting keyboard pad. Wear slippers or at least comfortable soft shoes.

Stand up at least every two hours and have some brisk walk. After 4 hours have a prolonged walk.

2. Headache and Dark Circles Under Eyes
Headache is due to constant strain of external eye and scalp muscles. Dark circles under eyes are supposedly due to thin skin due to lack of sleeping and due to engorged under-eye veins from constant eyestrain. Smoking and salty food also contribute to dark circles.

What to do?
Set appropriate brightness on the monitor (both low and high brightness can be irritating). DO NOT turn off lights in the room.

Again, make a pause at least every two hours. If you can’t go off of the computer, put hands over the eyes for some minutes in peace. This will give your eyes some rest.

Dark circles: have some rest, have enough sleep, take a free weekend, don’t smoke and don’t eat salty food. Easy 🙂

3. Hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids are enlarged rectal veins. Obesity, prolonged sitting, strain during bowel movement are common causes.

What to do?
Do not sit for hours without standing up. Eat food, which contain some fibers (bread, vegetables…). Here you can read what causes constipation.

4. Dehydration
Webmaster can easily forget to drink and get dehydrated. The main symptom of mild dehydration is tiredness; thirst may not be always present or one is not aware of it.

What to do?
Have a glass of water on the reach of the hand (fruit juices, sodas, energy drinks or beer can make you fat easily). No need to force yourself – try plain unsweetened water or mineral water, and if you drink it with ease, it means you’ve needed it. Excreting at least 200 ml of urine every morning is a sign of a good hydration. If you’re using bathroom 5 times a day or more, it means you drink a lot.


5. Weight Gain
Webmaster may gain weight because he/she eats a lot or is not physically active.

What to do?
Eat less. Don’t have food beside the computer.

Make a choice like: I won’t try any dairy product any more. Milk, ice creams, cheese, butter are full of fat. Like egg yolks, pork, most sauces and simple oil are. Sugar from snacks is quickly absorbed and it turns into body fat quickly. Beer, alcohol in general, sodas and fruit juices bring a lot of calories. Potatoes (especially chips and french-fries) and pasta are also weight gainers. So avoid heavy sugary/fatty foods and starchy foods, and eat bread (whole meal, not white), rice, polenta, cereals, and salads. Just cut off one whole group of foods: dairy or sweets or fast food or beer or soda.

Walk. If you don’t want to exercise, walk. When shopping – do it by foot. Walk while visiting your friends. Make walking a daily habit, not for exercising but just for – moving.

Be active. Care about something/someone, not only about your own business. This will bring some dynamic in your life.

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