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These days we hear quite a lot about wellness. Many people mistakenly associate wellness with the indulgences of the rich and famous. So what exactly is wellness and why do we need it?
It is a concept of regular servicing of the body, mind and soul in an integrated way to achieve good health. People usually pay attention to their bodies when they start having problem or when their day-to-day performances are affected by a ‘feeling low’ syndrome, difficulty in sleeping and depression.
About Wellness
An addictive, obsessive fitness routine will hardly benefit the heart if the mind is packed with anxiety. Wellness addresses the basic rule that to be healthy, one must balance the mind, body (nutrition and activity) and soul. Unless one finds a balance between the three, one cannot be truly healthy.
Lets take the typical example of people who eat right, exercise enough and yet fall ill because in their perfectionist behavior, they drive everyone up the wall and end up getting high blood pressure.
There are many researchers who have studied and written about the mind and body connection in the proper healing of diseases. Harmony with the outside world and balance within oneself are the key mantras for a healthy life. If this sounds too esoteric and unachievable, then lets weight the choices we have – a lifetime of punishing schedules or a nourishing schedule.
For Wellness
The important step towards wellness is the ‘attitude’ – nourish yourself but do not punish yourself. Now that we have touched upon the first mantra, lets elaborate what the right attitude is. Many people go through a lifetime of disease, pain and misery. Now while the pain may be inevitable the associated and prolonged misery is not.
Typically, many overweight people stay that way for the rest of their lives because they cling ferociously to their set attitudes. For them, weight loss is a number on the scale and they will try and dangerous diet or fraudulent machines to just get there.


The mindset is that once we lose weight we can go right back to bread, white riche, noodles, and sweet drinks. But as long as we associated this refined food with a ‘normal’ diet we can never lose weight for good.
Similarly, if we cling to the same beliefs and eating habits that brought about the disease, we can never get rid of the problem. You have to heal from the foundation itself by changing food habits along with food beliefs.

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  1. Bradley P. White
    September 24, 2008 Reply

    The interesting thing about people and wellness “programs” is that it is all about changing habits. You mention the person trying to lose weight and do so in a dangerous fashion, I see it every day in our pharmacy. “What is the latest wonder pill?” they want to know.
    The big secret is it is just changing one habit at a time. Cut out the soda, the bread, the refined foods. Up the fresh produce and get some, any exercise. One day at a time and pretty soon those days add up to a year. Look at all you can accomplish. You THINK you need that diet cola or that sandwich, you really don’t. Try skipping one soda tomorrow, replace it with water. You may be surprised to see how many calories you save when you string that reduction to a whole week, small changes can add up to thousands of calories.

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