Method to Move Database – Files to New Server

My lot of clients faced this problem and recently I have been come across with multiple queries on my messenger that how to shift website’s Mysql database, as all databases have grown and if not grown they are still much to shift.

But as I always said there is a solution for every problem. So here is a simple solution to the issue.

The Solution
Whenever you are required to shift website to other server. First of all take the complete backup of the site or take the individual backups of the sections.

Like for example: If you have three sections in your site, then your home directory backup is the one that you have to take to copy all the files present in “public_html” folder (I am talking for Linux- Cpanel here).

Then you can take the individual backups of databases of the three sections that you have. The “Backup” option is available in the Cpanel.

Then, you are required to go to new server where you want to shift and again open the “Backup” option in new server’s Cpanel. There you will find upload option for uploading the home directory and databases.

Browse your “Backup” files which you have download from old server and stored in your computer.


Its Not Over Till Now
This seems to be very easy and error free method to take backups and upload them. With this option you can upload as much big database as you want to upload.

But you will have to create the username and password for the databases, which you have uploaded to new server, as this is not done automatically.

Therefore the simple method you can apply to shift your site to other server. Without any issue of missing files and database not getting installed.

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