Programming Languages and SEO: Final Part – PHP

This is my final part of the 4 part series in which I was covering the topics about programming languages and how to do the seo for them. So this is the topic for the PHP developed pages and how to actually go about them.

Search engine crawlers being what they are — preprogrammed applications — there’s a limit to what they can index. PHP is another of those programming languages that fall outside the boundaries of normal web site coding. Search engine crawlers see PHP as another obstacle if it’s not properly executed.

Properly executed means that PHP needs to be used with search engines in mind. For example, PHP naturally stops or slows search engine crawlers. But with some attention and a solid understanding of PHP and SEO, it’s possible to code pages that work, even in PHP.


One thing that works well with PHP is designing the code to look like HTML. It requires an experienced code jockey, but it can be done. And once the code has been disguised, the PHP site can be crawled and indexed so that it’s returned in search results.

In short if you are using PHP then try to fabricate your URL with the extension of .html and you can do this by just placing the .htaccess file in the folder. As this is the most trusted way to actually let the search engine crawlers believe that you are using .html pages and not PHP.

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