Recover Your Lost or Deleted Content

It may have happen to you that while editing some file you deleted some file accidentally or with your blog that some pages might have been deleted accidentally. This happens to all – sometime by mistake and sometime having less time and wanting quick work done.

So, when there is a problem – there has to be a solution for it. Therefore the simple solution to this issue is:

When Content Lost
Because if something is deleted from the server its usually a long process to recover – contacting your hosting company and asking for previous backups – and installing them over again – and because the lost are not the web pages but they are just the single page or something one or two file.

Therefore, getting complete backup to reinstall is not a wise idea. The wiser way is to search for that page in the Google cache – Yes it’s the simplest way to get the old content again. I myself have done this many times and every time I found the content on Google cache.

But the point to keep in consideration is – search the lost content quickly because if you wait for two-three days then chances are less to get that content – as Google bot crawls your missing link and replaces with the cached content.

Not True in Other Cases
This might not be true with many other cases where your coding is lost (PHP coding) – you can’t get those PHP codes.

Else way, for each accidentally deleted content; – Google cache is helpful.

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