Video: How to Implement Captcha in Form

I was looking for the need to add some help tutorials on my blog and there are some pending help tutorial which I need to finish and post them as I have previously posted about moving large databases from one server to other etc.

But this time it was looking much need. This is the solution of the query Gurvinder asked me on IM that how to actually work with captcha.

Info on Captcha
If someone don’t know about captcha is the text in the image format that you found in the forms while registering to some sites. This is much needed these days, as this is the only parameter to judge whether the registrant is human or an auto robot.

You can visit and read the information there is some detailed information present on captcha. But for those who wants to learn it in action. Please see the video below on how the captcha can be implemented.


I think this video was a nice explanation to implement an easy captcha in to your forms.

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