Adsense Ads How to Make More

There is something more with adsense then telling tips of how to earn, as everyone I have myself read tons of tips, only some were useful but majority were useless. So, this post is not about tips – this is something to well verse with adsense ads and how to actually make something which might you be missing.

Many people usually ask from me and many open threads in webmaster, and money making forums that what is the correct way to showcase the adsense ads on their website or blogs.

The confusion is between adsense banner ads and contextual ads – which is better. Whenever this question is asked to me – my straightforward answer is contextual adsense ads.

Foremost reason for this choice is because the wide variety of ads that is being served in the contextual format in compares to banner ads. I hope you are getting my point, if not let me explain it more.

If you place contextual adsense advertisement on your website – with any size – you might have seen that there is not one advertisement that is being displayed – there is actually a bunch of advertisements that are being displayed related to your content.

And; if you see the banner ads in same context then it will be just one. So, here comes the defining edge, if the user sees more options of adsense ads then you have better chance of making money.

But this does not mean that banner ads are of no value they are of equal value because here are places and kinds of niche which cant be explained with contextual ads and for it the banner ads is compulsory and same way there are the kinds of niche which needs to be served with banner ads only and not the contextual ads.

So, the choice is obvious but depends on the kind of niche you are following – just have a research on the niche and kind of topic or stay tuned to my blog and will tell you the kind of niche and ads type.

3 thoughts on “Adsense Ads How to Make More”

  1. Good evening. Is Adsense or Amazon Associates commission better for making money on a website?
    I have Gogle Ad Sense Ads on my site but I do earn any money. Any suggestions how to make readers click on my Adsense Ads?….

    1. Sure i would definitely publish a blog post about that – but as i see your site you have not placed any adsense till now?

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