Always Ask Questions

It’s not about irritating someone with invariably questions – but it is something that you should always do. Not to irritate someone but to enhance your knowledge.

How to Phrase
Yes this is another big thing that you need to understand because phrasing a question is something like presentation – if you phrase your question right in front of the leaders of your niche then they will probably help – do not intend to ask for secrets – as no one will tell you that and most probably you will be ignored.

Only ask legitimate niche questions.

Whom to Ask
This is the biggest question and you can find answer quite easily follow someone who is in the same niche as yours for years now. You will always find people who are working for more than 2-3 years and you are following them since then.

These are the kind of people who have complete knowledge of their niche because they have spent years in reaching to the position where they are now.

You will not be framed as noob if you ask questions – because the question, which you might be asking, could have never been asked. For every common questions you can Google or I suggest try the blog search on Google.

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