Best and Economic Way to Get Traffic for Blog

The world is in deep recession and everyday we are hearing some odd news about the mis-happenings with the business community so to survive this recession period investment is not at all advisable for any kind of work or marketing if you are just beginning or trying as its rightly said in the phrase “money saved is money earned”.

This is half true because people are still online and trying to make money. Till the world survives and of course the cybernetic enzymes – moneymaking will be there. To make money we first of all need to have traffic and to get traffic – we need to invest on advertisement.

Easy Solution
If you want to have traffic to your blog so that you could make some money the very easy way around is to post in the forums available on the World Wide Web. As whatever your niche is you can easily get a forum for that and do mind my words forums get you the instant traffic to your blogs and the traffic which you get from forums are the quality traffic that is deeply interested in your content and your stuff.

How to do that
Just Google your niche and add a keyword forums to it. Like for arcade – you could search with keyword “arcade forums” and Google will present you with a list to choose from.

How to Bring Users
If you watch closely most of the popular forums are made from the vBulletin script and these types of forums give you a chance to have your blog feed in your threads. So, as you write your post the same is reflected on your forums user account and this will be carried over to all the forums posts that you have posted or will post.

This is the easiest way to develop your credibility and have some quality traffic to your blog. I think you all know that quality traffic does.

One thought on “Best and Economic Way to Get Traffic for Blog”

  1. Absolutely right kind of suggestion to get more traffic instantly. Forums will do more part in increasing traffics. Also you can bookmark your sites to social netword to drive some traffics 🙂

    Thanks for your post !!

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