Blog or Website Which One to Choose

There might be thousands of options if you are looking to start an online venture but what is the right module you need to pickup when starting anything online. With the blogs rediscovering everyday – you need to make the right decision what to choose.

Spot Your Difference
If you count the difference then you will be able to understand easily what to choose – so let’s start spotting the differences:

  1. Blogs are easy to update – like writing in a word document, formatting and when you submit it takes all from the theme itself. On the other hand if you want to update plain HTML website its tedious for a non-techy person.
  2. Blogs are easily optimized – whereas we all know it’s not always easy to optimize HTML pages.
  3. Plugins on blog makes-work easy – but in HTML there is no such addon available.
  4. Want to change the design – implement the new theme and all content will automatically take the shape of new theme in blogs. Websites are a complete redo when it comes to changing design.
  5. Blogs can be multipurpose – whereas HTML website need to specific.
  6. New designs are readily available for cheap prices – but website comes with a different cost.
  7. At last – Blogs can design and work as HTML websites – but simple HTML cannot.

Therefore, from the above differences – I will not comply you the option but will leave up to you what do you choose.

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