Can You Help or Not

My straightforward answer to all those questions which I get every day about starting a blog or how to get through online business is help. If you can’t help others then probably you should not do any kind of online business.

As online businesses first step is to help, whatever the issue could be. If you can help then you are in the online biz to enjoy success and if not you are out. Not to understand that I am saying to leave all the current work and start helping others. But you should at least spare some time in a day to answer or help others to resolve their issues.

As Happens
Just think of the beginning days when you started working online and the queries you have been, and now when you think about those queries you notice that those were the silly mistakes which you did online on coding, designing or any account making etc. But now recall that moment the problem must have looked like a monster.

Same thing can happen to all those who contact you for whatever reason and if you resolve their problems quickly you are making a good relation with them. Not only in terms of sharing knowledge but they will remain honest with you at every step.

Therefore in other ways you are developing a network of friends online when you are helping someone out of their queries. When I started my online career nearly 8-9years ago at that time no body was there to help anyone as the Internet age was just in the beginning stage. I now miss the lucrative way to solve queries via forums or other sources or bloggers, which was barely available previously.


Build a Bond of Success
As I stated above when you help someone online you are building a strong bond with the person and you must have heard about that for achieving success you need to have a strong bonding relationship. So it’s all about the help you provide in whatever way but if it could finally help the users then it will also help you.

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