CJ Advertiser Denies Apply this For Success

This situation you must have handled and I think many of us have handled this situation. I am talking about working with CJ. If you are really keen about working with CJ and has just started so there may be that whenever you apply to some advertiser for the program it gets immediately disapproved.

When it instantly got disapproves the reason lies within your CJ account. There are some steps that could be followed to not witness instantly disapprovals.

Step 1: Just check your CJ account website settings and also the category settings, may be possible that you have not subscribed for the right category for your account.

Step 2: Check with your country that you are targeting, this is also available in the website settings. This is the most opting option from the advertisers to give an instant disapproval.

Step 3: Try to accumulate some clicks to your ads, if not converting don’t worry but bring some clicks to your placed ads. This way you can attract the advertisers.

Step 4: If you have applied all the steps before and still you are getting disapproval and you know you can market the product with the plan you have it for.

Then visit the CJ Mail section and try to send the email to advertiser for the approval and describe all the steps that you would be applying. Not your business plans but the way you will do.

Assure the advertiser that you are targeting how much sales per month and to give you chance for first month and you promise about xx number of sales, so advertiser should give you subscription to his program for one month and see the result.


I am sure about all the steps above if you really apply all this then I don’t think advertiser has any disapprovals for you. Because how much is your need for the advertisers the same need is the advertiser has for the publishers.

Make a win-win solution to work better and in long term because success does not shapes in hours. It takes long-long time and commitment to become successful.

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