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I was really falling short today with a post idea as I was busy in some projects, but recently a question popped in by Kashif and he was very keen to get tips on how to get backlinks from comments. I think I have previously written about it but like to elaborate more on this as I think the situation was not very clear.

You should always place comments in any blogs, which you visit because they will produce not only a backlink percentage but also will give you a decent source of traffic. But if you think that people visit every comment than you are talking it in wrong way.

When you place comment on any blog post that comment should relate with the content and also to the user who is reading the comment, in other sense you should comment in blog with a flow to let people know more about or what is different you feel about the blog post. Then people would click to your website.

I have seen many people trying to get a backlink from comments and placing just “thank you”, “excellent stuff”, “good information” or “good post thumps up”. These comments will give you backlink since it will be approved by the blogger but you will miss a chance of getting some good source of decent traffic.

These above-mentioned comments are of no use to the people who read the blog post because its just appraisal. If you add something extra to the post then it makes user to read your comment and people are always curious to know the source of good things.

You must have seen that whenever you have brought something very extra ordinary then the first reaction of the people is where did you got this from, in other words they want to know the source.


One most important aspect is never ever use any comment posting tool to place comments on blogs because they will be caught as spam and then you will never be allowed to comment on that particular blog.

Therefore be honest and comment in reality and avoid using automated tools.

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