Different Blogging Platform to Make Money

WordPress is just favorite platform for bloggers to start with. Since it has all the features, which could enhance the search, engine listing and as the script is more search engine friendly.

With a Difference
I think you have not thought anything other than wordpress for blogging. But I have a different view and have thought of this option as it could replace the best blogging platform and also enhance the users to come and write about it. Basically is not blogging but its something similar, you can say that.

I am talking about vBulletin. This could be a vast experience to have it done and not possible for everyone, but you can have it if you desire.

Its simple, you can integrate the vBulletin forum script in to your domain and start your blogging with this. This is whole new different idea, many users will not favor me this. As it costs and wordpress is available for free.

Since it will be whole new try so you have to think differently. Let me explain how to do that and profit from it. You first have to make a forum and create subsequent categories for it and then you can start blogging as you have been doing on wordpress platform.

The outcome of this will be that as you write your posts in the forum and user visits he will find better way to comment and interact with users. Also this gives the power of backlink, signature, and reps etc. which one could not find in wordpress (as far as the point of visitor is concerned.)

Also, vBulletin is complete search engine friendly script and also gives out nice RSS feeds. Therefore search engine crawl is not a problem for this.


You can choose your name also to setup this forum as some do for blogs. At first instance no one would believe it a blog unless you tell. This would also provide you some freedom as far as writing post is concerned. In terms of placing advertisements you can have multiple locations to do that.

All those who want to start a professional career in blogging with a difference can choose this option. This would be best deal for all the bloggers who blogs in groups under one name.

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