Do Search Engines Should Charge for listing?-II

Our yesterday article of “Do Search Engine Should Charge for listing?” has got us a response that’s why we are now extending this topic further. We received some views of people telling us that this should not happen or if this will happen will create a huge issue for the small webmasters. As per the received views some were saying google will start charging approx $200 for listing…etc.

Now we think visitors completely misunderstood our content. The point which was raised in the first article was that the search should be differentiated or divided into categories. As in google we find options of choosing our own country for the search results or from the web. Like this only the search should be further categorized into commercial and non-commercial groups.

This can be easily done and as per i think on this. This could be easily implemented in the algorithm of google and various search engines. As there is not much work. Its simple for a bot to detect and buy button or a shopping cart of a payment processor link implemented (other than the donation links).

Now we got some views that the some commercial sites share information for free just to add content to their sites. Okay I agree! but if this method is implemented the commercial site should have a different domain to share this information and the same site will be submitted in the non-commercial index. How would this help ? Simple! this will hence provide a free backlink for lifetime to the site and if the non-commercial sites PR jumped it would be rather helpful to the site.

Now the question of charging. We did not exactly mean the search engine should start charging fees for listing, but if this implementation is worth some check and reviewing then they should charge nominally and i think that $1 is the maximum limit for commercial sites. I dont this listing with this cost is heavy to anyone who is working commercially.

Hence; this will create a new era in search technology. The people will get what he wants to.

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