Do Search Engines Should Charge for listing?

Today everybody is using search engines for whatever reason it may be, so my attention is towards this only. Do search engines charge some sort of fees for commercial websites and not for non-commercial websites?

Now you must be saying that what’s the difference from the user point! The difference is when user is searching on the search engines he can choose from the option to get the commercial or non-commercial website results.

This will affect the search in so many ways. As if the person want something for free just for the knowledge or he is willing to pay for the particular information/product. This will make search easier to simple search user. As the simple user who wants to search for some information about just for example say about any course material, user sometimes gets the irrelevant results which is not of his need. Resulting in waste of time on the search engines or different search websites.

If the same user finds the option to choose from the commercial websites/non-commercial websites his time would be eventually saved.

I think all search engines should implement this method. I hope this method is time consuming but once implemented this would make search engines a real heaven for the information.

As long as user point of view is concerned user will be happier to search for topics pertaining to more users to search on search engines.

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