Do You Miss the Earning?

One day you earn more and other day at the same thing you earn less or may be sometimes even nothing for the day. Isn’t it! This happens to all the people who work online. You can’t be so sure of how much you can earn per day. This line is true unless you have a rigorous flow of monthly advertisers behind you.

True Fact
It’s not so that these are the demerits or you should think of some other ways for make money. I think this happens to all the works, unless you have the boring 9to5 job. I agree that sometimes this can be very depressing, but there are some simple laws to follow if you don’t want to fall in depression.

It can be like; I am talking in general of all niches and not only for the blogs. One day you work much and you are rewarded but at the same work another day you work with same energy but you fall short to cross yesterday’s mark.

Missing Punches
It’s so because you are missing the same punch you did yesterday and earned more its not that you did not got the visitors to your website who can make you money. For visitors also you might have missed some punches which could lead them to your website isn’t it! Think about it on every day when you make less money than yesterday. What things you did on your work, which made this earning.

Things to Follow
As I said that earning is depended on the punches you left on your users mind that made the earning possible. More over there is another law to follow that when you just have started working online; therefore make small targets per day, which are quite easily to achieve.

Like for example; make yourself a target minimum of earning $5 per day in your very first month and then increase it gradually. I know $5 is pretty less but think of a fact when you keep yourself a small target and you achieve this will boost you to other level.


Also keep you out from the depression of not earning any money or less money because your target was so small to achieve that it will rather boost you to start a new day with more energy and then you will earn more each day.

These are some of the marketing basics that everyone needs to understand because making money is not hard but at the same time its not that easy. Hence, climb the steps of success one by one.

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