Earn with Promoting Advice Giving Method

Pepperjamnetwork since started it has been kind of ruling the CPA industry, as per it looks like to me. As they have some of the very lucrative offers which can be beneficial and very easy to promote and mind it they are giving out a healthy commission cut on every offer they have it in their network.

Advice Network
Free online Advice Network is for people who are looking for advice on anything. This network covers a variety of options such as from buying home advice to seo advice. The site is so easy to surf and find out the needed advice.

The network is open for all, like if you wanted to take advice you can search the network for your advice, but if you like to give some advice on any topic you can always submit the advice to the required category.

Promoting advice network can be quite profitable as they are giving quite bulky commission cuts on their promotion. The following is the payout structure:

  • Local earn $38.00 per lead from up to 95 miles away from the vendor location.
  • Extended Local earn $54.00 per lead from up to 300 miles away from the vendor location.
  • National earn $115.00 per lead from customers nation wide.


More on Advice Network
As other networks, advice network encourages all partners to participate in the PPC campaigns. This means you can easily subscribe to the offer by visiting to your Pepperjamnetwork account and then promote this offer on the PPC network, such as Google adsense or bidvertiser. You can even try the adbrite network.

I would recommend promoting this offer on the forums, like Webmaster forums and other similar forums, and add the affiliate link to your forum signature.

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