Easy Way to Update Facebook and Twitter at Once

Its good to be active on social sites and if you are Webmaster or need to market or connect to your followers – but sometimes it becomes difficult to connect to some of the social platforms due to lack of time or because of some engagement.

Found a Way
Since this was also a task to me and believe me I am not good at keeping things – when it comes to contact or updating and due to this you may have seen that I do not update my blog often.

Therefore, I needed a way by which I could be present in all the social sites at once – preferably I am active on twitter and facebook.

So, I was just searching for some way and found one. In facebook there is an application Tweeter – by which you can update both the platforms twitter and facebook at once.

How This Works
This is way simple – you just have to install this Tweeter application on facebook – and then whatever you tweet on twitter platform will automatically update the facebook status. Believe me this is way easy to work.

Don’t worry! If you individually want to update the facebook status you could easily do and it will not be tweeted in the twitter. So, this application works one way only.

This is the finest way to be active on both the social sites at once. Also, this is helpful for those who update via mobile platforms.

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