Extra Edge to Earn More from CPA Programs

You must have brought ebooks, which might tell you what to do that extra edge, which you might be missing and this is the reason you have bought this ebook for. As, the missing edge might prove the turning point in your earning life.

But just before you go for a buy read the description on the sales page that what this ebook is telling you – if they are telling you how you could make more from the CPA programs (cost per action programs) – like CJ, Shareasale, Pepperjam etc.

Then you have landed on the right blog post.

Extra Edge to Earn
See, you have already known the marketing plans – of making landing page and marketing through PPC networks or any other network. An edge that came to my mind and I even tried and it was successful also.

You choose your niche – this is what most people tell you everywhere in internet – but I am not here to confuse you – I will tell you the niche I choose and you could choose the related niche – or try yours as I told in my previous post that niche selection is purely on your interest – because everything sells on internet – all is takes is right marketing. I selected the Spam Fighter software for this selection.

Try This
Make your page on Craiglist site – describe your product and place the affiliate links – you can fairly describe your product – so this takes all the hassles to host your landing page and booking your domain.

And here comes the trick – take the URL of the Craiglist posted page and put the campaign on Adwords – Nothing more – choose the keywords that are related and for this you have to research – Google Adwords also help in getting the most trusted keywords for the campaign.

No problem of URL or redirection when posting in Adwords – because you will be posting URL of Craiglist and landing URL be inside of the site – so well verse with Google Adwords terms.

You promote your listing on Craiglist through Google Adwords and on the other hand an organic promotion also goes on – which Craiglist does for your listing – as Craiglist receives lot of traffic.

Try this easy way to market any CPA program of your choice.

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