Failed Domain Search Try Sub-Domains

It was said to me by one of my friends that I write too big posts. So here it is for you amit I have tried to change the length of my posts and hope so that I maintain it. Sometimes I just overflow with writing.

Was just thinking about a domain but when searched it was booked. I was annoyed that all the domains I searched were booked so I thought of an idea of linking it something differently.

Thought of a Solution
It makes sense to register your top keyword phrases, and then use domain pointers or domain forwarding to redirect visitors from your pointer domains to your main domain.

Another technique is the use of subdomains, also known as prefix domains or third-level domains. For example –

Google currently treats a subdomain as an entirely different domain name. Each subdomain is redirected to a different folder on your website. This is an excellent strategy if your site is comprised of related but distinct groups of topics.

It Works As Good

This way if you missed the domain which you wanted to book then register the near term keyword for the domain and make the subdomain of the keyword, so that the full will reflect just as the domain you were thinking.


If you are thinking of starting a niche which is highly competitive then its must to have keywords in your domain name. It can be plural or singular I don’t think this will matter at last in your search rating. The thing that will count is you have the keywords in your domain, that’s it.

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