Finding The Right Industry For You

I will show you how to broaden your knowledge on any topic or category when you start your affiliate business. These are described below in 5-points, which I think that could help you in choosing:

Are there any affiliate programs in the category I’m considering?
This should be self-evident. There is no point in having a beautiful site on the topic of Eskimo Art, let’s say, if there are no relevant merchants to help you make it profitable. You will need at least a few different products or services in order to offer your visitor some comparative choices. Soon you will be shown where to find thousands of
affiliate programs to choose from.

Can I build a decent “keyword list” about this topic?
Keywords are the exact phrases that people type into search engines. Amazingly, you will be able to get an exact count of EVERY SINGLE KEYWORD PHRASE entered into the major search engines in the previous month. Although, it’s rare to find areas that are NOT surfed on the Net, you will need to factor in the DEMAND for keywords related to your chosen product category PRIOR to selecting the best topic. No sense in having a great site on “men’s bow ties”, — even if there ARE several good affiliate programs available, — if only 6 people searched that subject in the previous month.

How good is their ‘creative’?
The word ‘creative’ is an advertising industry term that refers to a websites’ ability to properly communicate to its target audience. As a visitor to the merchants’ site –
– are you impressed? Would YOU buy anything yourself? If not, why not? The thing to remember is: that conversion rate is king when it comes to affiliate marketing. Which means, — what percentage of total visitors ‘converted’ into customers. It makes no sense to feature a merchant whose site is so confusing that people don’t buy. As you gain experience at this you’ll develop a ‘feel’ for which merchants will convert well. In other words, which merchants have good ‘creative’.

How generous is their program?
Depending on the industry, there will be a wide variety of commission options. Some pay a percentage, while others offer a flat fee. Some pay on 1-tier, while others pay for 2-tiers. Some have a commission for inquiries or registrations, while others cut you a check for only approved transactions.


Is it a subject I’m familiar with?
Of course, it would be nice to write about topics you’re familiar with. But, it’s not necessary, because you’re focus will be on researching the Net for information related to your industry and distilling the vast amounts of knowledge found there into 150-300 well-written words for each page of your site. And the number of pages is directly related to the total number of keywords related to your category. For most, it will be no more difficult than a grade 9 high school composition assignment. So, forget about your fear on NOT being a writer. I know dozens of people that were initially absolutely petrified at the thought of publishing an article on the Net, who now delight in the process. So, relax. You CAN do it.

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