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Gaining popularity is a big asks for blog owners because all the bloggers are up to this only. Though this is not an easy task and one is exhausted that how to gain popularity quickly and also that popularity remains in existence for the time being.

Being always first searching for the never read news or information and updating in blogs is the one ask that is compulsory if you are making a blog. As I have said in my previous posts the criteria that matters more is the uniqueness of the content and how better is content described.

As you must have already read about my previous posts on how to write and what to write, so this post is for making your blog popular and that’s also in a quicker time or less than the usual time, but one thing to be kept in mind that nothing happens over night. Right!

So, this applies to all the professional and non-professional bloggers who actually want to earn from blogging and make their blog popular also. You could have wordpress, blogger or typepad blog. This applies to all.

If you have a wordpress blog than make another blog in blogger and other free networks and choose your parent blog first to write the post which you usually do.

This applies to all known free blog networks blogger, wordpress blog (you can get a blog space on wordpress website also), myspace etc.

Blog marketing

Now how does this shapes:
It’s very simple and unique also. As you write the post in your parent blog, just make sure that after a day or just search Google about your current post which you have published has been crawled by Google or not if it is crawled then just update your another blogs with the same niche on other free networks at that time and if it is not crawled then probably wait for some time till it is crawled. Usually, Google bot do it immediately if your post is unique.

Don’t just write the complete post of parent blog in your other blogs, make sure that your write about a paragraph from the parent blog usually you can choose the starting para of 3-4 lines but make sure you give the exact heading as you have given in your parent blog.

What’s next! After your 3-4 lines from parent blog to another blogs just make a link to your parent blog with the name “Read More”.

The outcome will be that network blogs have more exposure and people are more on network related sites, so this would make your blog more viewable to them in there current network only, and they don’t have to search for it. If they found it useful then they could click read more and visit your blog.

Your profit is calculated in a way that your blog is popular soon and you also get a link-back from that blog and this matters much. Therefore, you get a free promotion of your blog and you are in win-win situation.

Just make sure that this will not relates anything such as duplicate blogging or duplicate content because you are not making a complete post of your parent blog on others. You are just writing a short summary of your parent blog post. Make as much free blogs on free networks as you want, but make sure that in blogger you have one only that relates to your parent blog just don’t duplicate your blog. This is the simplest and easiest method to make your blog more popular.

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