Future of Blogging

You might have heard of the bill gates statement – he said that videos would be the next most happening thing on Internet – and so true it is.

Now, everything is on Internet videos – whether its affiliate marketing, tutorials, and now even episodes are made just for the web. So, it has really grown above or up to the expectation.

What I Feel
As videos were marked the most happening thing – I truly believe the future of blogging will be podcasting. This is the next big thing – which you can expect on the Internet to happen in coming months.

The reason I say this because of the freedom to Podcast. You don’t have to key in every word to make it a blog post – you don’t even have to post pictures – not even make yourself look good as in videos and then edit those videos to make even better.

You can simply Podcast – whenever you feel – wherever you are.

You can simple Podcast with your mobile phone – record your voice and then click on mobile’s browser – upload your Podcast and boom you are done. Isn’t it simple!

As Google is also testing the voice recognition feature and already implemented it for the android market. So, you can expect something really soon to happen.

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